Is Bigg Boss showing favouritism to Abdu Rozik

By Anil Merani| If reports talking about Abdu Rozik quitting Bigg Boss for good are true, then that puts a question on the exit policy of this big-ticket Colors show.

 Buzz says that he will quit on 12th Jan due to prior commitments, and some big celeb will come to escort him out.

When other inmates ( Shalin  Bhanot) want to walk out, they are warned of enormous penalties for self-exit.

  In this case, Abdu had left  Bigg  Boss once before, only to return (That itself was not normal)

Now has Abdu paid the penalty, or was the contract only for many days (maybe they did not expect his character to become popular)? It is also alleged that even Sajid Khan has a minimum guarantee.

Why is Bigg Boss showing some much favouritism to Abdu?