Is Disha Wakani making her comeback in Tarak Mehta? Here’s what we have learned so far

By Gossips TV| In the vibrant world of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, anticipation is reaching a fever pitch as rumors circulate about the much-anticipated return of Dayaben, portrayed by the talented Disha Vakani. The beloved character took a hiatus due to maternity leave, leaving a void that fans have eagerly wished to see filled once again.

Speculation has been rife about Disha Vakani’s comeback, and the latest buzz suggests that the Diwali episodes of the show will hold the key to this mystery. Sunderlal’s arrival in Mumbai to meet Jethalal sparks hope as he shares the news of Dayaben’s impending return during the festive season. Jethalal’s preparations for Daya’s comeback have only intensified the excitement among the audience.


Despite the optimism, the situation remains shrouded in uncertainty. Reports indicate that producer Asit Kumarr Modi recently conducted auditions for the iconic role, leaving fans curious about whether Disha Vakani will reprise her role or if a new actress will take on the mantle of Dayaben. The social media sphere has been abuzz with discussions, adding to the suspense surrounding this pivotal development.

While fans eagerly await an official announcement from the showmakers, it appears that the current storyline might be a strategic move to boost audience engagement and TRP ratings. As the drama unfolds on-screen, viewers find themselves caught in a web of emotions, torn between the desire for Dayaben’s return and the uncertainty surrounding the casting decision.

The rollercoaster of rumors continues to swirl, with fans on tenterhooks about what lies ahead in the upcoming episodes of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah. The show’s makers seem to be playing a teasing game with the audience, leaving them guessing and fueling the anticipation for the grand return of Dayaben.

In the midst of this suspense, one thing is certain – the fans’ hearts are deeply invested in the hope of seeing Dayaben back on their screens. As the drama unfolds both on and off the set, the viewers are left to ponder the fate of their favorite character and whether the upcoming Diwali episodes will mark the triumphant return of Dayaben or introduce a new chapter in the iconic show.

As the saga continues, fans buckle up for an emotional ride filled with anticipation, speculation, and the undeniable desire to witness the much-celebrated character of Dayaben once again grace the sets of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah. Only time will tell if the wait is finally over or if the makers have more surprises in store for the loyal fanbase.