Is Siddharth Shukla is the real reason behind the huge fight between Shehnaz Gill and Aarti Singh?

Colors TV popular show Bigg Boss 13 will once again will see a huge drama. Though, in the start of the week drama was no less as the show has recently witnessed extreme level fight between the contenders Asim Riaz and Siddharth Shukla.

Now in the upcoming episode show will see another huge fight between the contenders Shehnaz Gill and Aarti Singh.

During the nomination task, contenders will be given a chance to save themselves from the nomination. Contestant will make a strategy for the task but twist will come when Siddharth Shukla instead of Shehnaz will save Aarti.

Well, Siddharth’s move will not go well with his friend inside the house Shehnaz Gill and the huge argument will happen between Aarti and Shehnaz when Aarti will ask Shehnaz not to think she is coming in between her and Siddharth. Shehnaz will say to Siddharth that she hates him. Intense argument will happen between Aarti and Shehnaz. Aarti will say she is not jealous of her. Shehnaz will than tell to her that there is nothing in her which people will get jealous of. Mahira will drag Shehnaz out from the fight. Paras will ask if she wants to maintain SidNaz or not. Shehnaz will say it already ended. Meanwhile, Siddharth will ignore the argument going on between the duos. Check out the promo below!

It seems Siddharth Shukla is deliberately hurting Shehnaz. Because we can see after host Salman Khan warned Siddharth at the weekend to be careful of Shehnaz as she is madly fallen in love with him and he is turning her obsession, Sid is seen ignoring Gill.

Not only ignorance in the last night episode Siddharth mentioned that he don’t keep people like her in his company . He tells to Shehnaz that he is not comfortable with her and asks her to stay away from her. Siddharth also adds that he don’t stay in the company of a person like her, as he is reading her from past 3 months and her childlike activity is not worth it. He also asked Shehnaz to change the bed if she is not comfortable with him. Shehnaz after hearing Siddharth tries to console her but Siddharth doesn’t react on her acts. Furious, Shehnaz was seen spitting on Siddharth’s pillow, while some are assuming Shehnaz was just trying to grab the tissue. And all are waiting for Salman Khan to clear Shehnaz’s act.

The jodi of Siddharth and Shehnaz got the praises from their admirers but it seems the duo will split because Siddharth is now very clear with his thoughts. How much you will miss the bond of SIDNAZ? Do you think Siddharth is the reason behind Shehanz and Arti’s fight; shoot your views in the comment section below. To know more, don’t miss watching Bigg Boss season 13 mon-sun on colors channel.

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