Is the decision to replace Shakti in Ghum Hai Kisi Key Pyaar Meiin a misstep by the makers?

By Anil Merani: The decision to introduce a leap in the highly popular Star Plus show Ghum Hai Kisi Key Pyaar Meiin has sparked much curiosity in the industry and among fans.

 Leaps are typically taken when the ratings falter or the story has been exhausted, neither of which has happened here. Ghum continues to be the #2 show on the overall TRP sweeps. Also, the story has a lot of potential left, as the couple have not even united. So, the decision to introduce a leap in the storyline comes as a surprise.

This decision has stirred up a storm of emotions among fans, who have taken to social media to express their disappointment and frustration. The Production house (Cockcrow & Shaika Entertainment) has been the target of much of this ire. Many fans express a desire to see both Bhavika Sharma and Shakti Arora, but it appears that the powers that be have chosen to part ways with Shakti. Who did raise a few valid points about his exit!

The real reason for Shakti’s exit seems to be purely financial. The PH wanted to save money as the former was charging a bomb. They will bring in someone with a lesser pay packet

However, this decision could potentially come at a high cost for the show. If the audience does not warm up to the new Jodi, they might choose to exit the show, and Star Plus could lose a significant portion of its viewership. According to a source, it’s not always about the money. Other contractual obligations, such as not working beyond a certain hour, can also disrupt shooting schedules. Additionally, established stars often come with their own set of challenges.

Could the channel not have stepped in and agreed to bear Shakti’s additional cost as they often do with actors whose budgets go awry in the interest of the show.

The makers seem to be placing their bets on the strength of the story, as they did with the first leap when both the cast (Neil Bhatt and Ayesha Singh) were replaced. In the best interests of the show, we remain hopeful that the writer has a compelling story in store for us.