Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 10th January 2020 Written Update: Pari asks Srivastava’s to choose Nisha or her baby life

Episode starts with Dadi what happened. Kusum says seeing Gunjan tears I remembered Yogi childhood and how he used to face problems. Dadi says Yogi crossed every problem so don’t worry. Kusum says I’m worried for Gunjan. Dadi says Yogi will take care of Pari but his care will be double for Gunjan and she is his first love. Kusum agrees.

Vivek feels relaxed when Shiv exits from their home. They plans for whole night party in terrace. Khushi calls Rani,Nisha, Gunjan to upstairs. Praksh says what these people doing in terrace. Kusum suggests Gunjan and Nisha to go slowly.while moving Nisha slips and falls from stairs and gets unconscious. Everyone gets Panicked seeing Unconscious Nisha and asks Pari to check. Pari says we need ambulance to take her to ambulance. They rush Nisha to hospital and asks Gunjan to stay with Dadi.

Vivek informs about Nisha accident to Kabir. He asks how it happened and asks him to make her talk with him. Vivek says Nisha in ICU and asks him to come. Kabir agrees. Kabir cries while packing. Gunjan remembers what happened to Nisha and holds her babybumb. Dadaji enters happily and calls everyone. Seeing Gunjan he shows sweets and asks where is everyone. Gunjan informs they went to hospital. Dadaji asks why because I’m not understanding. Dadi informs him about Nisha accident.

Prakash asks Kusum to stay strong for kids. Kusum says nothing will happen to Nisha. Praksh says Pari will make everything right. Vivek asks Rani about money. Ani says Dadaji is getting the amount. Pari comes out in sad mood. Everyone asks about Nisha condition. Pari cries hugging Yogi. Gunjan witness them.

Dadaji asks her to say what happened. Pari says Nisha and baby life’s are at risk and we have to take decision. Kusum asks what decision. Pari says we can only save one life Nisha or baby. Everyone gets stunned. Praksh asks her to save both. Pari says we tried to save both but chances are low because of internal bleeding. Yogi asks her to do something. Pari says their is no option sorry.  Gunjan gets pain and Kusum notice her and makes her sit on chair.

Khushi asks Dadi about Nisha. Dadi says everything will be good. Khushi blames herself for accident. Dadi asks her to don’t think in that way.

Praksh asks Yogi to take Gunjan to home. Gunjan says no. Nurse asks them to sign in consent form. Vivek asks Pari is their any option. Pari says we need your decision for operation. Praksh says can we wait upto Kabir arrival. Doctor says patient condition is critical so you need to choose immediately because we can’t operate without your decision and we will try our best to save both. Family members gets tensed.

Precap – seeing Praksh and Kusum at home , Kabir asks who is with Nisha. Kusum says Surjit at hospital. Yogi hugs Kabir but he throws Yogi. Everyone gets shocked. Kabir blames Pari and asks her to eat lost from his house.