Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 10th March 2020 Written Update: Yogi denies to take Pari help

Episode starts with Pari takes appointment for Gunjan. Neha scolds Pari that what’s the need to send video and when she can’t attend their calls and questions what’s the need of this drama. Pari says you understand me in that way. Neha asks Pari to talk with Yogi once. Pari says my shift is over so come and let’s have beer.

Yogi informs Video matter to Bablu and Surjit. Surjit reads message from Pari saying they got Wilson appointment for Gunjan on friday. Surjit tries to call but she won’t attend the call. Yogi says Pari just spoiled my life. Bablu records message asking Pari to stay away from Yogi and their life and informs Yogi is not taking Gunjan to Wilson because of her. Pari gets hurt seeing the video message. Neha asks Pari to leave about the matter.

Nisha says why can’t Yogi take Gunjan to Wilson. Vivek says it’s love and now also Yogi loves Pari and he just hate thinking Pari spoiling her life for their lov. Rani asks is that means He didn’t love Gunjan. Vivek says it’s his responsibility but he loves Pari more.

They gets silent seeing Yogi and Gunjan. Rani and Nisha questions Yogi why didn’t he want to take Gunjan to Wilson. Yogi signals he doesn’t want to take Pari’s help. Vivek says but Gunjan’s treatment is necessary. Yogi looks on. Rani asks Yogi to take Gunjan to Wilson for Gunjan not for Pari. Vivek says I asked Kabir to take his boss help to get Wilson appointment. Yogi and Gunjan smiles. Vivek gets Kabir call saying they got appointment. Yogi feels happy. Gunjan stats silent. Yogi asks her to smile.

Prakash and Seema consoles Shiv saying he will be out of corruption case very soon. Shiv gets frustrated saying I lost everything and even my office people betrayed me and now every door is closed and he asks Seema to pack their luggage so they can leave to Ahmedabad. Kusum and Prakash says they are with them and asks them to come to their place. Shiv says I can’t because that’s my daughter sasural but Prakash scolds him than Shiv agrees.

Rani asks Gunjan to get ready but Gunjan seems dull. Yogi asks Gunjan go come with him but she sits silently. Yogi says everyone will take care of Ansh. Gunjan says I’m not worried for Ansh.

Kusum sees Pari clothes with Nisha and asks where she get. Nisha says I got them near Khushi bed. Kusum shouts saying I don’t want anything related to Pari in my house. Dadi asks Nisha to throw Pari clothes and Dadaji says we can’t remove Pari from our memories completely. Seeing this Rani says it’s problematic if Mom gots to know you guys are going to Wilson because of Pari info. Yogi says it’s better to go without informing anyone.

Others play with Ansh and Rani says you guys have to leave without Ansh. when Yogi about to leave with Gunjan, Prakash enters the house at same time and asks them where they are going. Kabir and others says Yogi is taking Gunjan to doctor. Prakash says why everyone is answering me and questions Gunjan where she is going.

Precap – doctor asks are you ready for surgery. Yogi asks about the money for Operation. Doctor informs them 20lakhs which makes them gets shocked.