Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 13th January 2020 Written Update: Family gets shattered after knowing Nisha miscarriage

Episode starts with Vivek says Kabir phone is out of coverage area maybe be is in flight. Yogi signs the consent form. Doctor says good decision. Family questions him how can they take decision without Kabir opinion. Yogi says Kabir Bhai will understand the situation. Pari agrees and says thank you Yogi now atleast one life can be saved. Gunjan holds Yogi hands and says I support you. Pari sits beside Yogi and says Gunjan changed you for good. Gunjan sees them and Thanks Pari for helping her family. Pari says your family and leaves aside. Gunjan sleeps in Yogi shoulder.

Doctor informs Nisha will get concious tomorrow but we are unable to save her kid, sorry for your loss. Family gets broken hearing this news. Yogi moves outside in tears. Vivek asks how’s Nisha. Kusum says she is fine and sleeping. Vivek asks Prakash and Kusum to leave. Praksh asks them to leave. Kabir enters and asks about Nisha. Vivek consoles him. Kusum says don’t get angry on Nisha. Kabir went inside to meet Nisha and asks her what happened, why everyone is not saying anything I’m back and say baby everything is fine. Nisha cries. He gets shocked seeing her baby bump is missing. Nisha says I lost our kid. Kabir loses his balance. Vivek supports him.

Gunjan informs Seema about Nisha miscarriage. Seema sees Shiv coming from outside when she about to say this incident, he says I know it and I’m coming from hospital. Seema asks is everything fine. Shiv days Nisha lost her baby. Seema gets sad.

At house Dadi and everyone’s feels sad. Vivek says we will go to hospital and send Dad and mom. When they are about to leave Kusum and Prakash returns to home. Kabir asks who is with Nisha. Pari says uncle health is not good so we returned. Kabir asks whos with Nisha again. Kusum says Surjit and Bablu is with her. Kabir asks how can you leave Nisha with them. Rani and others try to explain but Kabir says how is Babu and Surjit is related and now Nisha is alone without any family member. Yogi says now we can go Nisha Bhabhi. Kabir asks what will you do in hospital, you snatched my kid signing the consent form. Kusum says Kabir but he says who is he to sign. Praksh says he done the right thing. When Yogi about to hug him he throws him and says you will do the same if it happens to your Gunjan. Family members gets angry on Kabir and tries to explain him but he says I know whom this family loves more why you guys didn’t take Nisha to specialist who is this Pari to check my Nisha. Pari says we tried our best bhayya. Kabir says it’s better if you leave from here because I don’t want to see your face. Khushi says what’s Pari mistake, it’s Nisha who slipped from stairs. Kabir says party is because of them and Pari is culprit and her mom is right regarding her and he asks her to get out. Family stays silen. When she about to leave Yogi stops her holding Pari hand.

Precap – Seema says I’m worried about Gunjan and these recent incidents can affect her. Shiv says what we have to do. Seema says we have to bring her to our house. Pari says Yogi never leave your family for Me and hugs him. Gunjan looks on.