Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 13th March 2020 Written Update: Differences arises between Yogi and his family because of Gunjan operation

Episode starts with customers says to Yogi that they didn’t like the properties and leaves. Another broker suggests to Yogi to sell Chaturveji son Alok property to customers so he will get 2lakhs and he will take 2lakhs. Yogi agrees and brings the customers back.

Vivek and Kabir discusses Yogi ruining the name of family for getting the money. Mathur informs to Vivek and Kabir  that Yogi is helping Alok to sell Chaturveji property and mocks their family. Vivek fights with mathura.

Buyers says they like the Alok property and asks about property papers. Broker and Yogi says everything is fine and talk about agreement. At that time Surjit enters and informs them that Alok created the fake document to sell his father Chaturveji property. Yogi gets angry and about to beat broker but he escapes from them. Buyers get angry and leaves. Yogi gets sad.

Kabir and Vivek informs everyone that Yogi is planning to sell Chaturveji property to someone. Everyone gets shocked knowing it. Khushi asks what’s the wrong in it to sell properties. Vivek shuts her. Yogi enters the house than everyone asks him where is he. Yogi says I’m at shop. Kusum says don’t lie. Vivek says book from Yogi where he noted numbers of houses. Dadaji and others asks why he is selling the Chaturveji property by fraud papers and you want to do operation with these type of money.

Kabir scolds Yogi that he can’t earn 20 lakhs by the way he is doing now. Prakash scolds Gunjan saying Yogi is ruining our reputation doing all these tgings and you still want your voice. Yogi comes in between and signals that he will do anything for money. Vivek asks if he will go against family and slaps him. Everyone gets shocked.

Yogi says I don’t know Alok using fake papers and I didn’t sell that property too. Dadaji says glad you didn’t sell it otherwise I can never forgive you but don’t spoil my name in society for Gunjan voice. Gunjan takes Yogi with her to room and says your insults are mine too and our family also getting insults and I don’t want to be burden in family. Yogi says don’t say in that way and I didn’t even sell that property. Gunjan says what’s the need to do these type of things when we know it’s tough to get 20lakhs.

Khushi supports Gunjan. Yogi says it’s the right time because doctor is in Mumbai that’s why I don’t want to leave this opportunity and I want my son to listen your voice because I didnt heard my mom voice so please don’t snatch this right from my son. Gunjan hugs him. Kusum hears their convo and feels emotional.

Yogi gets call from hospital to deposit 2lakhs tomorrow itself to do arrangements for the operation. Yogi asks Khushi to say they will deposit. Khushi asks him where will he get that much money. Yogi asks her to say they will call and cuts the call. Yogi gets sad thinking about money and says I’m looser. Gunjan and Khushi says you’re not. Kusum leaves from that place in tears. Gunjan says you play Antyakshari without voice and I will also play with my son. Yogi says no you will get your voice and leaves.

Precap – some racer challenges Yogi to compete with him to get 50thousand. Prakash throws Shop and house papers mocks Yogi saying sell these properties and than Gunjan will get her voice and we can beg on roads.