Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 14th February 2020 Written Update: Sujoy notices Yogi and Pari care for eachother

Episode starts with Mrs Ganguly asks is it your own house. Sujoy says yes it’s and serves them. Mrs Ganguly asks won’t you have servants. Sujoy says we love to work and Kusum supports him. Khushi and Pari sees paintings and asks where they bought. Mohana says these are our painting. Sujoy says and our emotions. Pari praises their paint. Mrs Ganguly says Pari loves painting and she drops vase and while picking glass injures her fingers. Yogi rushes to her. Sujoy notices Yogi concern. Nisha says Yogi learnt how to bandage from Pari. Yogi leaves Pari hand seeing Sujoy.

Pari mom asks Mohana about her husband and Kid. Mohana says I’m divorced and Sujoy is my kid. Yogi says you’re best brother and sister. Mohana arranges everything. Gunjan asks her do you need any help. Pari translate it to Mohana. She asks how you’re understanding their language easily Pari. Gunjan says she learned sign language to fight with Yogi. Pari agrees.

Pari says I’m sorry for previous incident. Mohana says I liked you that day itself because I love strong and independent woman. Pari asks don’t you ever get angry. Mohana says it used to happen previously with my husband and later we divorced and I moved with my brother and I ended my anger when I signed my divorce and my brother is precious. Pari asks did you moved on. Mohana says life won’t stop than why will I stop for someone m pari notices Yogi with Sujoy. Yogi notice them and asks what are you gossiping and I hope you won’t send us feeding noodles. Pari punches him and behaved closely. Sujoy nitice her actions.

Vivek tries to console Rani but she says people will blame me if they know about my chachs acts and what if he tries to harm us. Vivek asks her to end her fears. Rani cries and gets silent seeing Dada and Dadi.

Kusum asks Sujoy and Pari to meet eachother in somewhere. Sujoy smiles and goes to make coffee. Mohana gifts to Pari saying it’s from Sujoy. Pari gets shocked seeing the shopping mall dress and reminsces how she want her husband to choose thus dress for her and she looks at Yogi and Sujoy. Everyone basks what gift you got. Pari shows Sujoy’s gifted dress. Yogi says its same dress and praises Sujoy saying he is the one for you.

Precap – Yogi informs Pari is ready for marriage and she will keeps you happy to Sujoy and Mohana. Sujoy says you love her so much right. Chauhan kills Rani’s Cha-cha