Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 14th January 2020 Written Update: Kabir reunites with Yogi

Episode starts with Yogi brings back Pari to house and says Pari you’re not going anywhere. Rani supports him and asks Kabir to understand the situation. Kabir says it’s happened because of them. Yogi tries to hit him. Vivek seperates them and asks them to ask forgiveness to eachother. Kabir says I lost my kid and I’m the one feeling that pain. Dadaji stops him and scolds who’s outsiders. Kabir says I love my bacha like Mamu love Gunjan than Pari. Everyone tries to explain him but he says my Nisha and kid are important to me like Pari is important to Yogi. Dadaji scolds him and asks to get away if he wishes. Praksh gets broken. Dadaji and Dadi asks Prakash to take rest.

Shiv says hope that family comesout of from this shock. Seema says Gunjan used to get sick when her friends is sick and whatever happened today at Srivastav house can affect Gunjan. Shiv says Gunjan is fine right  Seema says Gunjan is scared and I don’t want her to stay near negativity when she is pregnant. Shiv asks what we need to do. Seema says we have to bring Gunjan to our home.

Yogi brings Pari to his room and asks you can’t leave anywhere. Gunjan and Khushi tries to cool Yogi. Vivek and Rani tries to explain everything to Kabir but he says what if it’s happens with Gunjan how will you react. Rani asks why are you bringing Gunjan topic. Kabir says Gunjan and Yogi is near to Mamu not us. Vivek slaps and asks him to leave if he won’t consider them like his family. Kabir says I will leave because I lost my bachaa. Rani stops him explains can you love without Nisha because of Yogi and Pari now she is safe. Kabir says I’m unable to see Nisha condition. Vivek says condition is critical that time and because of Pari and Yogi decision atleast Nisha is safe.

Yogi says it’s Pari house and she left from here to make us happy and how can Kabir blames her. Gunjan gets shocked. Pari says this family needs you and suggest him to go to Kabir. Yogi tries to deny. Pari asks Yogi to not to leave family at any cost, not even for her and hugs him. Gunjan watches them sadly. Pari leaves from that place.

Rani says Nisha is like my sister and I’m also sad. Kabir says I’m guilty because God punished be for not wanting this kid. Kabir slaps himself. Vivek consoles him. Gunjan says Kabir will realise his mistake once he comes out from his angry mode. Khushi agress with her. Kabir went to Yogi room and asks him to forgive him. Yogi hugs him. Kusum smiles seeing them. Kabir asks where is Pari I need to apologize her. Khushi says you have to go to hospital. Kabir says than I will go to hospital.

Precap – Praksh says Gunjan is my daughter and she won’t come to anywhere leaving me and Yogi. Shiv says she is my daughter and your bahu. Gunjan trips from stairs.