Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 14th October 2019 Written Update: RAni, Pari, Nisha and Khushi ask Yogi to run away with Gunjan

Yogi and Pari at Gunjan’s engagement

The episode starts with Roshan asking Gunjan to message him her decision.  Chauhan says well done to Roshan. Shiv appreciates Roshan. He says he always wanted best for her daughter and Roshan is the best choice for her. Gunjaan is sad.

Yogi’s family is discussing how to execute the plan. Everyone gives different idea. Finally they decide to do as Pari’s idea. Bablu enters the venue dressed up as a waiter. Then Pari and Yogi will enter Gunjaan’s room. Kabeer interrupts their conversation. They all are happy. Pari wishes Yogi all the best.

Dadaji goes to bring a pandit for Yogi and Gunjan’s shaadi. The pandit thinks Dadaji talks about his shaadi. Dadaji explains it’s not his but Yogi’s and Gunjaan’s shaadi. Prakash who sees them from the window and questions. Dadaji says he is talking about doing a pooja at home. Prakash is sad. He says that he had thought he got his friend back and Gunjan will be his daughter-in-law. But Shiv had ruined everything. He says when had returned  the ring he thoughts to ask Yogi to elope with Gunjan. Dadaji gets happy. Prakash continues that he changed his mind because he wants that Shiv realizes what he had lost(he talks about Yogi).

Pari is going for mission. Rani asks her to be carful. She questions whether Gunjaan will agree to elope with Yogi. Pari says if she doesn’t come that means there is no love and Yogi doesn’t need to cry for her. Yogi’s mom takes Pari to the kitchen to help her make mushroom soup. Rani and Yogi comes in the kitchen to take  Pari as they are getting late. Dadaji says he knows to make soup. Dadi to comes to the kitchen. Yogi tells to her mom that she doesn’t know to prepare the soup. Rani too agrees. She says she is getting late. Finally, Pari realizes what they are talking about and goes with them. Dadi and Yogi’s mom finds their behavior strange and questions  Dadaji about it. He says they are making something to make Yogi happy. Dadi questions again dadaji when they are alone. Dadaji tell her the truth. She gets happy and appreciates him.

Shiv’s family reaches the engagement venue. Gunjan and Seema are not happy. Roshan comes and takes elders blessing. Seema taunts Shiv saying Roshan’s house is bigger than Yogi’s house. Yogi and Pari are outside. Bablu calls Pari and tells Gunjan is inside. Yogi and Pari are about to enter the venue but stop seeing shiv at the entrance.

Precap : Rani tells to the pandit without him how the shaadi will happen. Prakash asks who’s shaadi? Dadaji none is getting married. Gunjaan is seen getting ready. Gunjaan’s dadaji sees Pari and follows her. They hide behind a door