Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 15th January 2020 Written Update: Gunjan denies to go with her Parents

Episode starts with Praksh and Dadaji duscusd about Kanirm Kusum informs Kabir realised his mistake and went to hospital to ask apologies from Pari. Dadaji says I want to bear him. Prakash says whom I ask to forgive me for my mistakes. Kusum says what’s your mistake in Nisha accident. Prakash says maybe it’s my mistake I just snatched Pari and Yogi love and God snatched Nisha kid to punish me. Dadaji says it’s not your mistake you just want to protect your friend and thought about Yogi too. Kusum says yes and now Yogi is happy with Gunjan and they both creates new chapter in their life.

Pari feeds soup to Nisha. Nisha says what will happen to me without you. Pari asks her to finish soup. Kabir and Yogi walks in. When Kabir about to talk Pari says you guys can take Nisha home and she just needed more rest. Kabir kisses Nisha forehead. Yogi looks at leaving Pari.

Shiv and Seema went to Srivastava’s house and enquires about Nisha condition. Kusum says Nisha is fine. Shiv asks how’s Gunjan. Kusum says at upstairs taking rest because her health is not good. Seema says I told you right and says we want to take Gunjan to our house. Kusum asks why suddenly. Shiv says just for few days. Dadaji says I understand you don’t want her to stay here at this time. Seema asks them to understand because Nisha situation can affect Gunjan. Praksh says samething won’t happen to Gunjan. Dadaji and Dadi tries to explains them.

Prakash says Gunjan is my daughter now and she won’t go leaving Yogi and our family plus i will not let her go. Shiv says Gunjan is my daughter first and than your bahu. Gunjan come downstairs and asks when you came. Shiv says I just came. Dadaji says you parents wants to take you and now it’s your decision. Gunjan says this my house and I will stay here. Shiv tries to leave when Prakash says if Gunjan chooses Shiv’s house happiness, then i will disconnect Gunjan from this house’s sorrows forever. Everyone gets stunned.

At night Prakash says how can Seema think in blind way. Kusum says she is her maa that’s why thinking for her blindly and make your friend understand we wont bear the torture everytime for their happiness and what if tomorrow Gunjan wants to go.

Precap – Pari leaves from Srivasta house after dropping Nisha at home. Kabir stops her. Seema and Shiv asks about Gunjan health over phone and notices Pari. Shiv asks what’s Pari doing at your place. Gunjan says she’s staying with us.