Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 15th October 2019 Written Update: Yogi and Pari at Gunjan’s engagement 

The episode starts with Yogi and Pari are trying to enter the venue but they stop seeing Shiv presence in the entry, Pari explains their situation to Bablu in the phone and he assure her he will do something, than he spill drinks on some guest and its create some scene and everyone move to Issue to know about the scenario ,in this meantime Pari and Yogi enters the venue

Yogi signs Bablu to cover his face signing shiv is behind him, Bablu holds Chauhan feet to hide his face from Shiv and Chauhan asks him to do kitchen work without showing his face but Shiv got some doubt seeing Bablu side and thinks he saw him somewhere

Dadaji discuss with his family that once Gunjan and Yogi come, he will get them marry in navab Gali Gali Mandir but Fadi and Rani informs Kusum and Prakash are planning to visit same temple, Moin overhears dadaji words about marriage and asks whose marriage. Dadaji scolds Moin seeing Prakash and Kusum

Dadaji takes Moin from that place and explains about their planning of Yogi and Gunjan marriage. Moin feels happy and suggest their house is best place to conduct their marriage

Gunjan lost in her thoughts and makeup artist asks her to smile to get glow in her face.Gunjan’s cousin says her that she got chance to engage twice without observing Gunjan state. Gunjan brother taunts her to stop. In the meantime Seema tries to cheer up Gunjan and asks her move on but Gunjan explains her sad condition through her actions

While entering to upstairs Shiv’s chacha sees Pari and Yogi running into Chauhan’s house and follows them but Seema stops him saying they didn’t invite anyone from Yogi family

Dadi,Rani,Nisha are planning to go to visit moin house to know about wedding preparations but Yogi brothers and parents enter the house at that time and spoils their plan. Prakash scolds his sons for contacting Shiv regarding Gunjan and Yogi matter

Pari asks Yogi whether he is ready and she asks him to explain Gunjan he left everything for her but when he enters the room he got know bride is already at mandap , Pari calls Bablu and asks him to stop Gunjan before entering the mandap

Precap: Chauhan announce to welcome the bride and groom, engagement ceremony begins and while Roshan and Gunjan are exchanging rings Pari asks Bablu to show his mobile to Gunjan and Gunjan shows that message to her father