Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 16th January 2020 Written Update: Kabir apologies to Pari for his previous behaviour

Episode starts with Kabir and others brings Nisha to home. Family invites them with Aarti. Gunjan hugs Nisha emotionally. Praksh asks Nisha to take rest in room. Dadaji says stay in hall. Praksh asks is Nisha reports are fine. Paris says everything is fine and she just needed bed rest. Nisha cries seeing step. Kabir and others make her feel better.

Pari tries to leave from that place saying about precautions. Someone’s holds her hand, Pari thinks Yogi is holding her hand and asks to leave it, turns and sees Kabir holding her hand. Everyone gets surprised. Kabir brings her back and apologies to Pari for his behaviour. She forgives him saying I can understand. Kabir ask her to stay with them for somedays to make Nisha better. Gunjan looks on. Everyone asks her to stay at home saying it’s better than hotel. Nisha asks her stay for her. Gunjan also asks her to stay. Pari agrees to stay with them. Gunjan and elders stays silent. Dadaji asks Gunjan to make chai.

Prakash says it’s not good if Pari stay with us. Dadi also agrees with Pari. Kusum says I agree but it won’t good if we ask her to go when our kids stopped her. Dadi says 2-3days stay is enough to spoil the Gunjan Yogi life. Praksh says maybe Gunjan said yes for Yogi we have to take her opinion. Kusum blames him. Praksh says how many days you will taunt me for making Gunjan marry Yogi. Gunjan gets stunned hearing them and gives chai to everyone. Dadaji asks will you have any problem with Pari stay. Gunjan says I know about Yogi and Pari so I don’t have any problem. Elders feels happy listening her opinion.

Surjit says let’s plan something for Pari. Yogi says yes we have to give every Happiness. Surjit says we can’t because you’re her main happiness and you belongs to Gunjan. Surjit says his plan to take everyone to someplace. Yogi, Bablu agrees.

Pari gets emotional reminscing her old moments. Khushi gives her pillow and says it’s tough to stay away from our family. Gunjan informs Khushi that mom is calling. Pari stops Gunjan and says sorry for staying here. Gunjan says I don’t have any problem with your stay.

Gunjan gets call from her parents. Seema and Shiv video chat with Gunjan and enquires about her health and seeing Pari behind asks what is she doing over there. Gunjan says she is staying with them. Seema asks why she staying at your place. Pari geeks sad hearing them so Gunjan moves outside. Seema asks her to say what happened. Gunjan says Pari is staying here for Nisha and even Yogi stopped her and I don’t have problem. Seema try to understand her stay will affect you. Gunjan cuts call saying she is like our family. Shiv says she is not.

PRECAP – Gunjan dances happily. Pari stops her saying it’s not good. Babu and Surjit says Bhabhi I’d looking happy what’s the reason. Pari says she heard music concert after many days that’s why she is happy. Gunjan thanks Yogi and Yogi smiles. Prakash gets Pari mom call.