Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 16th October 2019 Written Update: Gunjan gets engaged with Roshan despite knowing her father’s true colors

Episodes begins with dadi and Pari discussing about new clothes for Yogi marriage. Dadi thinks Kusum will be sad if marriage happens without her presence because she always dreams about Yogi marriage. During this discussion Kusum enters kitchen and asks them what they are discussing Pari tries to lie but Kusum asks her to reveal truth because they can’t lie. Dadi reveals Yogi and Gunjan marriage plan to Kusum asks her to hide this plan from Prakash. After knowing this truth Kusum cries happily and she tells dadi she wants to be part of their marriage.

Vivek says Shiv uncle totally changed but Prakash asks Vivek to leave about Shiv.he just wants Yogi happiness

Kusum suggest to invite Prakash to Yogi marriage and Rani,Nisha shouts no after listening her words and listening their shouts Vivek and Kabir enter kitchen to know what’s happening.rani tries to manage the situation saying Nisha saw rat in the kitchen. Prakash got doubtful seeing the situations

Otherwise Bablu and Surjith searching for Green lehenga dress to identify Gunjan but they mistakenly thinks Gunjan cousin as Gunjan and tries to kidnap her but listening her shouts they left her saying she is also looking like bride because of her dress colour. Gunjan cousin caught them so they close her mouth than Pari and Yogi enters to the place  and locks Gunjan cousin in one room

Nisha and Rani planned to attend marriage in normal clothes so no one doubt them.meanwhile Kabir and Vivek enters the room asks them to reveal what they are planning with Dadi. Rani says nothing but Vivek threatens them saying he calls his Father than Nisha stops him and explain their Yogi marriage plan. Vivek shocked after listening the plan but he is also ok with eloping and marriage plan because it will make his Yogi happy

Chauhan announces Gunjan and Roshan engagement ceremony and welcomes Bride and Groom.Yogi witness Roshan offering his hand to Gunjan and takes her to mandap

Dada ji and Moin arranging marriage arrangements with help of pandith. Moin asks Dadaji to contact Yogi and co . To know when they are going to come

Chauhan says Roshan and Gunjan pair is made in heaven. Pari asks Yogi to do something to stop the Engagement. Yogi calls Gunjan but her phone is with Gautham. Yogi witness Roshan putting ring on Gunjan finger. Pari snatches phone from Yogi and calls to Gautham and asks him to give phone to Gunjan but he says everything is over than Pari explains about the message Yogi got from Gunjan number and send that screen shot of message “Please don’t call me Yogi, their is nothing between ok with my papa choice so please stay away from me ” to Gunjan phone and request Gautham to show this screenshot to Gunjan

Gautham shows the screenshot to Gunjan and she is shocked after reading the message shows that screenshot to Shiv and after seeing the message Shiv reminisces the way he sends message to Yogi and clearing that message in Gunjan phone. Seema looks furious after knowing this behaviour of Shiv . Shiv says he done this for Gunjan future than Gunjan smiles wiping her tears and puts ring on Roshan finger. Yogi tries left the place seeing their engagement ceremony.pari shocked seeing this act of Yogi and tries to stop him but Yogi shows her the engagement ceremony. Bablu and Surjith tries to say maybe Gunjan didn’t saw message properly so we have to tell her directly but Yogi stops them and signs Gunjan engaged to Roshan

After knowing everything so their is nothing left . Yogi left venue and Pari and Bablu follows him

Other side Yogi reminisces his moment with Gunjan holding his engagement ring.pari asks him why he is seeing that ring than Yogi explains she left him forgetting everything. Pari says Gunjan left you not your life and explains she can’t see him in sad mood Nd asks him to never cry In front of her and ask him to forget Gunjan and live his life than Yogi throws engagement ring away.pari asks why he throws the ring than he explains Gunjan chapter is over and he gonna live for himself which makes Pari happy

Recap: Seema questions Shiv why he betrayed Gunjan and their trust and Gunjan express her frustration through her actions.