Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 17th January 2020 Written Update: Rani and Nisha feels they did mistake stopping Pari

Episode starts with Shiv says why Pari stayed. Seema says you’re the one who invited her. Shiv says it’s good if doctor stay at home for Nisha and Pari will leave after 2days otherwise I will talk with Prakash. Seema says hope they won’t hurt my Gunjan while taking care of Papi.

Pari cooks with Kusum and Dadi and says I’m alone at Chennai so I won’t cook at that place and I’m missing you all. Dadi and Kusum cries with Pari and Kusum  asks to forgive for her for Sending to other place. Pari says noone can break my friendship with Yogi so won’t blame yourself.

Yogi comes and dances with Pari and says I have a surprise and I will take you to date. Prakash and Dadaji overhears his words and says it’s not good to take Pari and suggest him to take Gunjan. Gunjan walks in everyone gets silent. Praksh says Gunjan want to take you onky. Gunjan smiles and says I know it we are going because Yogi informed me. Yogi says we all 3 going for musical event and Bablu and Surjit will join us. Kusum teases him saying so you’re doing this for Gunjan aww. They goes.

Rani and Vivek gives tablets to Nisha. Kabir says Pari will help Nisha to heal. Nisha asks did we do mistake stopping Pari. Rani says I feel so we did mistake. Vivek says don’t you trust Pari and Yogi. Rani says it’s not like you’re saying. Kabir says even Pari can’t enter between Yogi and Gunjan. Rani says heart is very weak. Vivek says I will call him and know where is he.

Khushi informs them Yogi is changed and he went to Arjit Singh concert with Pari. Rani says my assumptions are becoming true. Khushi says no Yogi went with Gunjan and Pari. Nisha asks than why you’re angry. Khushi says because he didn’t inform us but went with Bablu and Surjit. Everyone thinks to teach him lesson for avoiding them.

Gunjan dances happily. Pari stops her saying it’s not good at this stage. Gunjan says I want to fly. Bablu and Surjit says Bhabhi Is looking happy what’s the reason. Pari says she is attends music concert after many days that’s why she is happy. Gunjan signs thank you Yogi and Yogi smiles and accept her thank you. Pari sees them. Everyone haves falooda. Bablu teases Surjit with songs. Yogi denies to eat Falooda. Gunjan says I will eat with you only. Yogi says something is happening between Neha and Surjit plus they went to date. Pari gets surprised and thinks how Neha hides this matter. Bablu says only our story is not moving. Pari says I will complaint to Moin. Gunjan smiles and Yogi adores her. Pari feels sad.  

Elders discusses about Concert and sings old songs. Dadaji says Pari didn’t have any odd feelings for us. Kusum says but she feels pain. Dadi says it’s good Gunjan is understanding one. Praksh says hope Pari gets her happiness too. Prakash gets continuous calls from unknown number and it turns to be Pari mom. Prakash asks how are you and why you called me. Pari’s mother says I called you to warn you and you guys used Pari to get Gunjan match and than you throwed her out.

Precap – Pari sings Milgati songs, Gunjan gives lipsink and dances happily. Yogi adores her. Surjit records everything.  While turning she slips and Yogi holds her. Gunjan cries and says I want my voice Yogi. Praksh says I got Pari mom call. Kusum says Praksh wants to do Pari marriage.