Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 17th March 2020 Written Update: Prakash insults Yogi and asks him to choose between Gunjan voice and Family happiness

Episode starts with Kabir and Vivek scolds Yogi for thinking to participate in race. Kusum brings her jewelry and asks Yogi to sell it and deposit the fee in hospital and says him that his life is important to her like Gunjan voice is important to him. Vivek says what are you saying mom. Yogi tries to return jewellery. Kusum says we can’t live if something happens to you so keep this jewellery as my blessings to pay the fee and I can do this much for my son happiness. Yogi hugs her and says Gunjan will get her voice. Everyone gets shocked seeing Prakash.

Prakash mocks Yogi saying Son must be like you to live selling his mom jewellery and he throws documents of house and Shop and asks Yogi to take all and asks him to let them live peacefully. Yogi tries to say something but Prakash stops him saying I won’t listen you. Kusum and Rani tries to stop him but Prakash shouts saying Gunjan voice is important to him not us and he is ready to sell the jewelry we kept for Khushi and after operation Gunjan gets her voice let her start singing and we can beg. Gunjan and Yogi cries badly.

Rani says what’s Gunjan mistake. Others stops Prakash but Prakash says Yogi can’t listen to anyone if us. Dadaji says your dad cried so much when we got to know you can’t speak and when you’re 2 their us chance to get you operated but that time he didn’t sell anything thinking about all of us. Yogi says I want Gunjan to get her viucem Prakash says he can’t understand and now Gunjan is everything to him. Rani asks Prakash to let Yogi pay the deposit. Prakash asks Kusum to give her mangalsutra to him and leaves saying complete it. Dadaji asks Yogi to take correct decision and everyone leaves except Yogi.

Seema asks Shiv why he is worried. Shiv says got to know from Prakash that Yogi is doing crazy things to arrange money for Gunjan operation and I don’t want it to happen in this way. Seema says maybe family can blame Gunjan too. Shiv says I have to call Gunjan.

Gunjan cries while thinking about everyone scoldings for Yogi and she gets Shiv call. He says I know you can’t speak but can listen everyone words. Gunjan cries. Seema takes phone and asks Gunjan to stop Yogi before whole family blame you and says you can live without voice too. Shiv says she can’t. Seema says it’s not written in Gunjan fate to get her voice that’s why our money to locked. Shiv stays silent. Seema asks Gunjan to stop Yogi and says They can’t arrange the money and she asks Gunjan to answer her. Gunjan cuts the call and looks determined while wiping her tears.

Precap – Surjit asks Gunjan Bhabhi what are you doing here. Gunjan slaps him and leaves scolding them. Yogi kicks football in frustration. Bablu notices the advertisement saying winning team of Football tournament will get 50lakhs and man of the match will get 10lakhs.