Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 18th March 2020 Written Update: Yogi gets new hope to get the money for Gunjan operation

Episode starts with Yogi thinks about Prakash and Dadaji words. Bablu and Surjit consoles him. Gunjan reaches to their place. Yogi asks is everything fine. Surjit asks Bhabhi what are you doing here. Gunjan slaps Surjit and scolds them for racing. Yogi tries to explain her but she says I don’t want my voice and can’t see your insults and she leaves.

Bablu says Gunjan is correct and it’s tough to get 20 lakhs. Football dashes with Yogi and someone asks him to pass the ball but Yogi angrily kicks football at a hoarding which have advertisement about football competition. Bablu reads the advertisement saying winning team of Football tournament will get 50lakhs and man of the match will get 10lakhs. Yogi smiles seeing the poster.

Surjit and Bablu praises Yogi football skills Infront of team owners. Owners says they can’t afford big player. Yogi tries to say something but they didn’t understand than Bablu says Yogi can’t listen and speak. Team owner makes fun of Yogi and asks them to leave. Yogi asks them to give one chance. Coach sees the certificates of Yogi.

Bablu says Yogi can play better than your team. Coach gets angry and says how he can play when he didn’t play any match since last 2years. Yogi ask them to see his skills in playground. Coach asks them to leave but Mishra enters and asks coach to give one chance to Yogi. Coach agrees.

Kusum cries thinking how Prakash scolded Yogi with his inability. Prakash gives vegetables to Kusum and asks Khushi to give shop keys to Yogi. Khushi says he is not at home. Prakash says did he went to loot bank. Kabir asks Prakash to leave Yogi. Prakash says did you all feel that I did wrong with Yogi. Khushi asks Papa why you scolded Gunjan Bhabhi.

Prakash calls Gunjan and asks her if you want to get operated with Theft money. Rani says it’s not the matter, you mocked the inability of Yogi and what’s the need of it. Nisha,Kusum and others also supports Rani words. Prakash sits down realising his mistake. Dadi asks Khushi to call Yogi to know whether he have his breakfast or not. Prakash thinks about his words for Yogi.

Bablu and Surjit prays that hope Yogi can do the goal. First time Yogi misses the ball. Team manager and coach smiles saying You can’t do it but seeing Mishra they gives another chance. Yogi misses his next 2 chances too. Mishra and coach leaves from ground. Yogi gets dhssPo

Precap – Bablu and Surjit along with Yogi goes to hospital to pay the deposit for operation but receptionist says money is already deposited. Family thinks who deposited the money. Khushi says Pari.