Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 19th March 2020 Written Update: Vivek and Kabir insults Prakash

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 19th March 2020 Written Update On

Coach and Singh insults Yogi saying how can you play when you don’t know how to handle the ball. Yogi says it’s not my best play and I didn’t play properly because if my shoes and this game is important for me because if my money. Singh says we can’t keep you in team. Mishra asks Singh and Coach to join the Yogi in team because he is captain in college days so he can play. Coach tries to deny but Mishra asks them to hire and asks Yogi what’s the need of money. Surjit says Yogi needs money for his wife operation. Singh says it’s just emotional drama. Mishra stops him and asks to give Yogi 50thousand. Yogi gets emotional and tries to touch Mishra feet. Mishra says I will see your performance on ground and leaves.

Yogi dances hapilly with his friends. Bablu and Surjit along with Yogi goes to hospital to pay the deposit for Gunjan operation but receptionist says money is already deposited one hour before and you have to pay 10lakhs before operation. Surjit asks who pay that amount. Receptionist says it’s confidential and they can’t reveal so they goes to home. Neha observes them and smiles.

Family feels happy knowing Yogi got selected. Surjit says how Yogi got 50thousand and reveals that man of the match will get 5lakhs and tournament will get 10lakhs. Rani says now it’s easy to get Gunjan operated and asks Yogi to deposit the money taking it from Kabir and Vivek. Yogi stays silent and reveals that some already payed the money. Family thinks who deposited the money. Khushi says Pari. Everyone stays silent. Yogi sits silently. Vivek says we can return the money to Pari if she pays it so don’t take tension. Kabir asks Yogi to show the letter to Prakash.

Prakash sees the letter. Vivek and Kabir mocks Prakash saying you’re wrong while judging Yogi and he can get money for Operation through matches and he don’t need your money plus deposit is already payed. Prakash says it’s good. Khushi and everyone mocks Prakash saying he just stopped Yogi and insults him. Dadi asks them to stop. Vivek and Kabir says he can’t speak now because Yogi can get money. Kusum gets angry and stops Vivek and asks Prakash to say. Vivek says he already said many things yesterday what left.

Kusum says you don’t even have right to taunt him and she brings Yogi towards Prakash and reveals that Prakash is the one who deposited the money. Everyone gets shocked.

Precap – Prakash hapilly talks with everyone about Yogi match and Gunjan voice. Shiv smiles. Neha says to Pari that Yogi don’t want to take her help.