Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 20th December 2019 Written Update: Gunjan gets heartbroken seeing Yogi with Pari

Episode starts with Prakash informs today Yogi is busy and I will bring Gunjan with me to your house. Seema says it’s not needed, I just want to invite Yogi and Gunjan, hope they can come someother day and asks is everything fine.

Prakash says everything is fine and maybe they will come tomorrow. Shiv asks what happened. Seema says I feel something is wrong. Shiv says we have to meet Gunjan once.

At hospital Yogi meets Pari. Yogi says I want to spend time with you. Pari reminds Kusum words and ask him to don’t come to hospital.

Yogi says I don’t care about marriage and asks Pari to come with him. Pari asks him to leave. He denies to leave and asks her permission to stay with her. Pari says I will be hurt if I’m in Gunjan position and asks Yogi to get lost from hospital because it’s for patients.

Yogi hurts himself and says now I’m Patient. Pari beats and hugs him. Gunjan walks unconsciously thinking about yogi and Pari.

Kusum and Dadi stops her and explains Gunjun it’s tough phase for every girl to move in new house and make new relationships, maybe it’s take some time but everything will be set.
Shiv and Seema enters Srivastava house. Kusum says you’re missing them and they are here for you. Gunjan hugs them and cries.

Prakash gets Surprised seeing Shiv. Vivek greets them. Seema asks where Yogi. Vivek says maybe at shop. Prakash says don’t know where is Yogi he didn’t came to shop also. Seema asks you said he is busy at shop. Vivek says Papa forgot about it but he sends Yogi to karolbagh.

Seema asks Gunjan to show her room. Seema is Gunjan room and asks her to clean room properly because they don’t have servants here. Gunjan says Yogi what it in this way. Seema gets worried and asks is everything fine.

Gunjan informs Seema that I disturbed Yogi life, Yogi and Pari loves eachother. Seema gets stunned asks are you sure. Gunjan shows pics of them to Seema. Seema says I feel bad for Yogi but now he is married to you and he will change if you want because you’re his present and asks Gunjan to make him realise his love for her.

At hospital Pari says X ray is good and asks Yogi to leave. Yogi says I won’t leave without you and tries to create scene and says you’re my medicine. Pari asks him to leave. he drags her closely. Gunjan witness them in teary eyes.

Precap – Yogi breaks his marriage pic with Gunjan and announces he don’t want Gunjan. Prakash raises his hand to slap him. Gunjan comes in-between them and stops Prakash. Next stay Prakash says Yogi loves Pari youngsters says but now she is not staying. Pari knocks their door. Everyone gets stunned.