Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 20th March 2020 Written Update: Happy reunion for Srivastavas

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 20th March 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with Kusum reveals to Yogi and everyone that Prakash is the one who deposited the money in the hospital for operation. Everyone gets shocked. Kusum says Prakash payed his whole life earned money for Gunjan and Yogi happiness. Yogi hugs Prakash legs and both reminsces their previous moments with eachother. Vivek and Kabir cries. Prakash says I didn’t do anything for anyone, I just did for me and please forgive me Yogi for the previous insult I did for you.

Yogi says I have to ask your forgiveness not you. Prakash says it’s not needed, we are one family and I got call from Mishra and he trust you and even I trust you so don’t break our trust and try to work hard for matches Yogi. Vivek and Kabir asks Prakash to forgive them. Prakash says even I behave like you if someone insults my cousin but I’m happy after seeing your love for eachother. Everyone hugs Prakash happily.

Neha says to Pari that Gunjan is going to get operated and Yogi don’t want to take your help and now he hates you. Pari says he can pay, so I’m happy and that’s enough. Neha says but you lost everything and Everyone. Pari reminisces her moments with Yogi. Pari says I just wish Gunjan get her voice and I want to watch Yogi enjoying Gunjan songs. Neha asks are you coming to Delhi. Pari cuts the call saying she will talk later.

Gunjan informs her parents that they payed the deposit. Shiv and Seema feels happy and reveals that how they get tensed when Gunjan asked them to come here. Gunjan praises Srivastavas. Shiv and Seema also says Prakash and everyone from this family is good. Kusum and others meet Shiv. Yogi hugs Shiv and he congratulate Yogi for getting the opportunity in football match. Kusum says Yogi good performance in match is needed for operation money. Shiv says your team is good so I just hope you will get money for your Gunjan. Yogi says trust me I will do it.

Prakash says Yogi is my son and he can do it. Shiv hugs Prakash and thanks him. Prakash says I did for my daughter in law so why are you getting emotional and everything is done after seeing Yogi madness but after this Yogi have to do the next. Shiv says I trust him. Prakash says Yogi still have to enter in team 11 so we have to train Yogi. Shiv asks Yogi to do it. Yogi says I will.

Prakash warns Yogi to not loose even single match otherwise I will enter the ground. Everyone asks what. Prakash says now I also have same stubborness like Yogi to make Gunjan get her voice. Everyone smiles. Yogi says I will definitely win so you don’t need to do anything at this old age. Prakash runs behind him for calling him as old.

Precap – Yogi kicks the football and flaunts Infront of Gunjan. She notices ball hitting the neighbors window and she indicate it to him. Pari surprises Neha with her visit.