Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 21st January 2020 Written Update: Gunjan breaksdown knowing she is second choice to Yogi

Episode starts with Rani praises Gunjan. Khushi says but voice belongs to Pari. Gunjan gets hurt. Pari gets her mom call. Vivek asks her to attend the call. Pari mom asks don’t you have self respect because you’re staying in that home after everything and she asks Pari to come to Kolkata. Pari cuts the call. Vivek asks what happened. Pari says my parents are seperated again and why I can never get family. Rani and others consoles her saying we are with you.

Next day everyone assembles in hall and asks Praksh what’s the reason of this meeting. Prakash tells his family about Pari mom call. Kabir asks what’s she saying because Pari also sad yesterday. Kusum says she is blaming us for using ruining Pari. Prakash says i wants to get Pari married soon and asks about others opinion. Vivek asks is it for Pari or you want to erase your crime, don’t take Pari dad place when you failed as Yogi father. Yogi and Rani tries to stop him but Vivek acceses him. Prakash says I want to do for her betterment. Vivek and Kabir, Yogi asks him to let Pari decide what she needed and leaves to office. Kusum asks Gunjan to don’t feel bad about these people words. Prakash asks am I doing bad. Kusum asks him to take Pari opinion. He agrees.

Pari gives medicines to Nisha and asks her is everything fine between you and Kabir. Nisha says yes but we lost important things but I can never leave Kabir even if he do big crimes like you leave Yogi but good thing is Yogi realised his mistake seeing my pain. Pari says yes and after that time Yogi never met me but don’t say this to Gunjan. Nisha agrees and says no wife want to be second choice to her husband. Gunjan overhears their convo and breaksdown in her room and reminsces her past moments with Yogi. She gets Seema call.

Shiv shouts on his employees for losing the files. Employees says it’s work of Chauhan gundaas.  Shiv asks them to keep an eye on Roshan. Seema says I’m getting worried for Gunjan. Shiv asks her what happened. Seema says Gunjan is looking troubled when I talk with her and she suggest him to talk with Yogi. Shiv agrees. Bablu and Yogi decides to search boy for Pari. Shiv calls Yogi and asks him to meet him alone at home as he needs to speak something important. Yogi looks on.

Precap – Shiv asks Yogi to send Pari from their house if he cares for Gunjan and his child. Chauhan enters Shiv place.