Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 21st October 2019 Written Update: Gunjan reach chavdi bazar to meet Yogi

The episode begins with Roshan at Gunjan house and Shiv asks Gunjan to give coffee to Roshan but she is reluctant and than Roshan tries to give her coffee but Gautham taunts Roshan saying his Di don’t like coffee. Shiv asks Gautham to go to his room but Seema manages the situation saying he is just kidding. Gunjan tries to leave the place than Roshan says he wants to show their Noida buildings to her. Gautham says his Di is going to music class than Roshan says he will wait until she finishes her music class and then he will take her to dinner. She denies his request through her actions. Shiv says Gunjan will accompany him than Seema says maybe some other time because Gunjan’s feet are hurt because of Shiv’s mistake.

Otherside Yogi follows Pari in the hospital to seek her forgiveness and Pari asks him to go because she needs to arrange a room for operation. Yogi lost in Gunjan’s thoughts and says to Pari about how he used to meet Gunjan. Pari says he loves her truly and fulfilled every duty so there is no mistake from his side. Asks him to leave everything to destinity. Yogi observes the room and says to Pari they met her in the same room but now Gunjan is not with them.

Prakash enters shops and observes Bablu and surjhit arguing with a customer and then Prakash asks Bablu and Surjit to be with Yogi always.

Gunjan wants to clear her differences with Yogi. Gautham and Gunjan enter chavdi bazar near Yogi shop but they stop seeing Prakash in the shop and enquires about Yogi from Mathur and Mathur says until now Yogi is near shop seems like he went to collect material. Than Mathur went near Prakash to explain about someone is enquiring about Yogi. Prakash says maybe Yogi friends. Mathur says Yogi is pure-hearted person so Yogi will get a better girl than Gunjan who can become his voice.

Pari asks how he escaped Gunjan previously from this room seeing his dad. Yogi says through the AC side. Pari explains how she controlled Prakash that day. Pari asks Yogi to make her learn sign language. She writes forget about the bad past words and then Yogi explains her through his actions. Yogi and Pari share a cute moment.

Bablu and Surjhit at saree shop and Bablu express he is seeing pari in saree in his dreams. Bablu and Surjhit observe Gautham and Gunjan at that place and Surjit scolds Gunjan saying what’s she doing in chavdi bazar after breaking Yogi’s heart and asks her to leave Yogi because now finally he is forgetting her. Bablu and Surjit scold Gunjan without giving her any chance to explain her condition so she tries to go but Roshan enters that place and takes Gunjan with him.

Roshan asks Gunjan what’s the need to learn music at this type of area and asks who are those people shouting at her. Gautam says they are Yogi friends. Roshan apologies to Gunjan for following her even after denial. When they are about to leave the place Yogi sees Gunjan with Roshan and he feels sad and turns his face to another side than Gunjan watches Yogi from her car thinks he will notice her but Yogi turns Otherside which will hurt Gunjan.

Precap: Bablu badmouths about Gunjan. Yogi asks Bablu to stop talking bad words about Gunjan but Bablu denies than Yogi slaps him. Otherside Neha says to Pari there are changes in her because of Yogi and asks Pari if she fell in Yogis love.