Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 22nd January 2020 Written Update: Shiv suspends Roshan from his job

Episode starts with Dadi complaints about Dadaji having sweets at night. Prakash and Kusum says sugar will get high if you have sweets. Dadaji asks them to talk with Pari. Prakash and Dadi enquires Pari about her studies and other things. Dadaji gets angry and asks Pari to make her own family. Prakash asks Pari marry because your mom is worried.

Pari thinks when you talk with her. Prakash and others discusses about grooms. Pari gets tensed thinking it’s gonna be trap than she stops them and says I have boyfriend in Chennai and we are planning to open clinic in future. They asks what’s his name. Pari escapes from them saying some long name.

Pari come to terrace and sees Gunjan in tears. Gunjan reminces Nisha word. Pari goes to her and asks are you crying. Gunjan says just mood swings. Pari says I will take class to Yogi if he hurts you. Gunjan says I will take class. When Pari about to leave Gunjan says noone liked me when I come to this house after my marriage and later I make my place in everyone’s heart but youre attached to them before itself and it’s hurt sometimes when our family ignore us. Pari says sorry for hurting you I know it will hurt you seeing us and I will leave from here in 2days and leaves.

Shiv and Seema invites Yogi and asks him about Gunjan. Yogi says Pari is taking care of everyone. Shiv says she is good doctor and I’m the one who invited her. Shiv says I have to say something but don’t get hurt when girl is pregnant she have mood swings. Yogi says I will take care of her. Shiv says Gunjan knows you love Pari and Nisha miscarriage also affecting her so it’s not good if Pari stay with you and he asks Yogi to send Pari out of his house if he really cares for Gunjan and baby.

Yogi tries to say something but At that time Chauhan enters Shiv place throwing servant. Shiv says how dare you to enter in my house. Chauhan asks him how dare you to stop my projects. Shiv says oh youre worried about Projects, didn’t you get the news of Roshan suspension. Chauhan gets shocked and tries to hold Shiv collar. Yogi stops him. Chauhan makes fun of Yogi and asks him to sing. Shiv and Seema warns him to behave properly. Shiv says leave before I call the police and Your son is suspended and he gonna face enquiry. Chauhan says if my son lost job than everyone of your life will be in risk and Seema will become widow.

Precap- Chauhan says I will release my son using best lawyers but I heard your daughter is pregnant what If something happens to her. Seema gets tensed and Yogi holds his collar. Yogi gets worried seeing Gunjan in broken mode.