Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 22nd October 2019 Written Update: Yogi slaps Bablu for Gunjan

Episode starts with Surjit and Bablu says Gunjan came hear to make him feel hurt . Yogi asks why they are saying like this than Bablu said Gunjan brother Gautam is enquiring about you from every shop like he didn’t know about your shop. Surjit says Gunjan fiancée saves her from them otherwise they planned to teach them lesson. Yogi asks why she came here with her fiancée. Babu says to make him jealous and hurt. Bablu badmouths about Gunjan. Yogi warns him to stop but Bablu says Gunjan won’t deserve his respect and prays for their car accident. Yogi holds Bablu collar and warns Bablu but Surjit asks Yogi to stop behaving like mahan. Bablu says he is going to teach her perfect lesson when she comes to her music teacger. Infuriated Yogi slaps Bablu. Sujit says they are thinking about him. Yogi says he don’t need their sympathy and left the place.

Bablu says why he left. Surjit explains Yogi loves Gunjan immensely so he can’t listen any bad words about her.

Nisha feels sorry for Paris regarding morning bathroom incident. Kusum asks her to leave that matter because Yogi is already uncomfortable in that matter. Rani and Nisha plans to prepare Pari favourite dishes to enlighten her mood. Dadi says everything happened because of dada ji than Kusum says Prakash also equally responsible. Rani says everything happened for good and it bought smile in Yogi face. Dadi and dada ji thinks Rani is correct.

Dadi and dada ji plans to fight with eachother so Yogi will forget Gunjan matter and he will be busy in clearing their differences. Dada ji suggest Kamlesh is good choice to fight with eachother and Dadi gets angry and shouts on Dadaji saying how can he doubt her. Family members are shocked to see the word battle of dadi and dada ji regarding their past friends.

At hospital one dumb patient is scared to take injection. Pari enters to that room and understand patient signs language and than she explains him he is going to be okay with injection. Patient agrees for treatment understanding Pari sign language and thanks her for understanding him. Senior doctor appreciate Pari for her presence of mind and allocates the specially abled patients responsibility to her. Pari is happy and Neha praises her to learn sign language from Yogi. Pari says she didn’t know complete language. Pari says she is learning sign language because it’s interesting. Nisha asks whether she is learning sign language for Yogi or normal purpose. Pari asks Neha to end the topic. Neha says to Pari there are changes in her because of Yogi and asks Pari If she fell in Yogi love. Pari denies Neha.

Whole Family is worried seeing the battle of Dadi and Dada ji regarding Kamlesh matter. Prakash supports his mom and fights with his dad. Than Again fight starts between them for their room. Yogi asks Dadaji to sleep with him but dada ji denies. Pari involves in the middle and Yogi ask her stop than Pari and Yogi fights with eachother regarding morning incident. Finally fights end with conclusion dadi going to sleep in Khushi room and Dadaji in Yogi room leaving their room.

Gunjan cries remembering Bablu and Surjit words. Gautam blames himself for Gunjan condition. Seems felt hurt seeing Gunjan condition. Seema tries to confront Gunjan but Gunjan ask why Yogi friends didn’t allowed her to meet Yogi, what’s her mistake in this situation she is also hurt like Yogi. Seema says even they stopped her when she went to meet Prakash at hospital.

Precap : Dadi says some relationships needs Shraddha more than love to Khushi and Pari. someone enters Srivastava house hiding in cloth and everyone’s thinks that person as thief and kicks him but later shocked seeing that person.