Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 23rd January 2020 Written Update: Pari gets hurt seeing Yogi care for Gunjan

Episode starts with Chauhan says Your son will die or your become Widow if my son lost job. Shiv says thinks about me later first release your son from jail because he gets arrested. Pradeep says I won’t leave you and i will appoint best lawyer and release my son from jail but I heard your daughter is Gunjan is Pregnant what if something happens to Gunjan or her baby. Everyone gets shocked. Yogi beats him and warns to stay away from his wife. Shiv asks Chauhan to get lost. Chauhan says Yogi can have Pari if something happens to Gubjan so think about Gunjan Bhabhi. Yogi says Pari is my friend and Gunjan is my wife and I know how to respect relationship and I consider Pari as my friend that’s it and Leaves.

Gunjan sees her song in phone and cries. Yogi notice her asks what happened. He notices her recording. She tries to smile but Yogi wipes her tears and asks if you have any problem with Pari stay if so I will send her. Gunjan says no and hugs him. Pari gets hurt seeing them and cries thinking both are moved on in their relationship and my stay will remind our past love to Yogi and disturbs Gunjan, but I can’t think to marry  another guy what to do.

Chauhan asks his lawyer to get bail for Roshan in 2days and thinks to ruin Gunjan life to take revenge from Shiv. Lawyer asks him to stay away from Shiv otherwise problems will get increases. Chauhan says I want to teach lesson to Shiv once my Son comesout from Jail and I will ruin Yogi and Gunjan.

Elders discusses about Yogi lover name. Bablu overhears their convo. Kusum says I feel Pari lied to us to escape from us and others also agrees. Dadi says let’s leave if Pari is not intrested. Prakash says i want to correct my mistake. Kusum says yes it’s good if Pari make her own family. Dadi plans to arrange meet Pari meeting with some groom like normal meet. Bablu heard them and tries to call Yogi. Prakash see him and taunts him. Bablu says I came here for Yogi. Kusum says Yogi is at shop.

Surjit days Bablu went to your home to get you. Bablu reaches to shop and informs them about Elders plan to make Pari marry and settle her life. Surjit asks than why are you worried. Bablu says I’m just worried thinking what type of guy they will get and Pari lied to them about having boyfriend. Surjit asks him to contact Pari.

Pari saves her lover name in phone to escape. Pari gets Yogi call and they informs her about elders caughts her lie. Pari says now what to do. Surjit asks her to get some guy with that name. Pari says how and Bablu cuts the call saying we will manage. Yogi asks what are you planning. Bablu says we will arrange some guy as Pari love. Yogi applause his idea.

Precap – Kusum asks Yogi how you reached home very soon. yogi says we have some guest. Dadi asks who. Surjit says Pari friend from Kanjivaram. Someone stalks Rani.