Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 23rd October 2019 Written Update: Seema asks Gunjan to forget Yogi

The episode starts with Yogi helps Dadaji and arranges a bed for him and Dadaji asks Yogi whether dadi is asking about him. Yogi teases Dadaji and says tomorrow morning everything will be fine

Pari asks Dadi to forget about everything and suggest to drink milk for better sleep. Dadi denies and than Pari asks who is Kamalesh. Khushi stops her. Dadi tells Pari and Khushi that some relationships have respect not love. and some friends always want to see us happy. Pari remembers Neha words and Park agrees to Dadi words. Dadi explains how Kamlesh tried to help their love story.

Seema consoles Gunjan and asks her to move on from Yogi for her betterment because Yogi family is humiliating them without listening to their version. Seema says if Yogi understands her then she will be happily doing their marriage standing against Shiv but here they are not even trying to know your version. Gunjan cries reminiscing her previous insults from Yogi family.

Bablu and Surjit want to know whether Yogi is fine or still angry with them. Otherside Dadi is worried about Dadaji health and thinks he may not have his dinner. Pari speaks in her sleep and Dadi thinks she cares for Yogi Nd went to their room.

Dadaji is hungry and he feels guilty for fighting with Dadi and went to check whether dadi is sleeping or not. Bablu and Surjit try to enter the house and Surjit fell down while entering the building. Dadi and Dadaji share a cute moment in Varanda and Dadaji says he never thought anything wrong about Kamlesh or her because he knows he is good and tries to unite them. They apologies to each other and going to have their dinner but stops seeing other family members.

Finally, Surjit and Bablu enter Yogi’s room through the pipe to seek apologies from Yogi and ask Yogi to protect them from his family. Kabir enters the Yogi room and asks Yogi where is Dadaji and what Bablu and Surjit are doing in his room. Bablu says he is with Yogi from a long time. They think maybe thief is hiding in the ground floor and searches every place. Prakash says to his family dadi lost her consciousness because of the thief

Dadaji plans to leave his room hiding under the blanket. The whole family beats him thinking like a thief and finally, dadi stops them revealing Dadaji face. While the family is shocked and Dadaji slaps Prakash. Yogi asks Dadaji why he came downstairs that to hiding under the blanket. Paris sees Bablu and Surjit and questions them whether they are the ones who entered the house like thieves. Prakash slaps Bablu and they left the house immediately running far from Prakash

Precap: Seema asks Chauhan why he is looking so happy. Chauhan says his son got the job because Shiv and Roshan say thanks to Shiv saying he fulfilled his dream. Seema taunts Shiv saying he played amazing games. Yogi is shocked seeing the newspaper