Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 24th October 2019 Written Update: Seema breakdowns knowing the deal between Shiv and Chauhan

Episode starts with Dadi applying ointment to Dadaji back. Dadaji think everyone forget their pain thinking about his pain.

Next morning Yogi gets irritated seeing Gunjan engagement news. Shiv asks Seema about Gunjan and she says Gunjan went to somewhere and questions Shiv whether he is doubting them. Shiv says he just worried about Gunjan. Seema asks Shiv to give them time to accept the new changes.

Chauhan and Gautam enters Shiv house with sweets. Seema asks Chauhan what is the reason for his happiness. Chauhan says he is happy because Roshan got government job in Shiv office because of Shiv’s help. Roshan thanks Shiv for helping him to get his dream job. Shiv tries to say Roshan got job because of his hard work and committee decision but Seema retorts him saying you’re that committee. Chauhan support Seema and says Shiv fulfilled his promise and Now he have to fulfill his promise regarding Gunjan Roshan Shaadi.

Yogi throws newspaper. Seeing Pari presence Yogi acts like happy. Pari taunts saying people must learn how to change mood from you.Pari asks him what is the reason behind his sadness. Yogi says Gunjan came to shop with her fiancée. Pari says Gunjan moved on in her life and suggests Yogi to forget Gunjan. Pari mistakenly sees newspaper and asks he is hurt because of this news. Yogi asks Pari to go from his room. Pari curses him to stay alone.

Chauhan and Shiv discuss about marriage arrangements. And Chauhan suggests for family dinner to celebrate their happiness. After Chauhan exit, Seema breakdowns remembering Chauhan words and confronts Shiv saying he played a clever game, until now I used to think how Roshan agrees to marry Gunjan but now everything is clear. Shiv says everything for Gunjan betterment. Seema says he is putting Gunjan life at stake for his reputation.

Srivastava family having their Tiffin. Dadaji taunts everyone for his condition. Dadi and others asks Pari to have paratha with them. Paris tries to act like she have to go to hospital and Yogi ask her to because she is getting late than Park says Neha will manage patients in hospital so she will have paratyas with them. Pari thanks Kusum for parathas Nd explain how some guy is spoiling her mood in the early mng using signs. Praksh asks why she is using sign language. Pari says she got responsibility to treat specially abled people so she got used to it.

Kabeer enters house and says Gunjan engagement news is published in paper and everyone in mohali is talking aboy this news.

Precap: Mathur says to Yogi, Gunjan came to their place with some guy and enquired about him. Some person taunts Yogi saying it’s luck to get engaged to Chauhan son that’s why they cancelled Gunjan Engagement with yogi because they got better match. Vivek asks Rani what’s the need to take money from those kind of people.