Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 25th October 2019 Written Update: Yogi face humiliation because of Gunjan engagement news

The episode starts with Kabir informs the family that Gunjan’s engagement news is published on page 3 and the whole locality is talking about it. Prakash says Shiv is doing this to hurt them. Kabir says Chauhan is behind this news. Kusum asks everyone to finish their breakfast leaving this topic. Vivek tensed seeing continuous calls from Tekchand. Rani says Shiv snatched everyone’s happiness. Dadi suggests leaving about Shiv.

Vivek asks one month’s time from Tekchand to clear the loan but Tekchand denies to give one week’s time also. Rani gets tensed and Vivek assures her he will clear loan taking his friend help. Vivek asks Rani why did she take a loan from Tekchand type of person. Rani says to contribute to Yogi’s marriage from their side. Rani suggests she will mortgage her bangle to repay the loan but Vivek denies saying it’s her mother’s gift. Yogi holds Vivek’s shoulder and Rani changes the topic seeing Yogi but Khushi overhears everything.

At the breakfast table, everyone discusses the Vivek program on the radio. Kusum asks Nisha to throw the newspaper in the bin. Vivek asks Yogi to join him to witness his recording but yogi left the place saying he can’t. Pari consoles Kusum and Thanks Kusum for parathas. Dadi suggests to take Tiffin from home every day, Pari gets emotional.

Khushi throws things from her cupboard and Pari stops her and asks her what happened. Khushi says because of one girl their family is suffering. Pari suggests to move on. But Khushi says it’s not that easy to notice our family pain. Pari gets flashes of her parent’s fights.

At shop, Yogi repairs recorder and Surjit says no one can beat Yogi in any competition. Mathur shows a newspaper to Yogi.

Pari explains Khushi, she has wonderful family and they can cross this tough phase. seeing the book on floor Pari asks Khushi why she throws her books and then Khushi asks from when she is using her cupboard.

Mathur says to Yogi, Gunjan came to their place with some guy and enquired about him that time he doesn’t know she is his previous Fiancee. Neighbor’s asks Mathur to address Gunjan as Chauhan ki bahu. Bablu asks Mathur to move from the shop. Neighbour says Gunjan and her family ditched Yogi because they got a better proposal for her from rich Chauhan family. Yogi seems frustrated with their taunts and moves from his shop.

Neha shows Gunjan engagement pics to Pari and Pari gets frustrated and asks her why she is so interested and what’s her relation with Yogi. Neha says Yogi is not related but asks Pari how he is related to her.

Precap: Pari and Rani ask Yogi to burn every memory linked with Gunjan. Yogi burns his pics with Gunjan. Vivek and his friends encourage him. Yogi parties with his friends and Gunjan enter that place with Roshan and Yogi stops them.