Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 26th March 2020 Written Update: Neha suggests Pari to move on with Sujoy

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 26th March 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with Pari suggests Sujoy it’s better if they won’t meet eachother. Sujoy sadly leaves than Pari says I saw the girl in 501 apartment and she is good and its better if you marry her. Sujoy says it’s not easy to marry seeing someone, even you saw someone but it’s tough to marry and he leaves. Pari looks on.

Rani and others arranged the things in hall. Yogi comes to them and asks everyone about his shoes. Khushi asks Gunjan about Yogi slippers. She says don’t know. Kusum asks Rani and Nisha to search the rooms.

Neighbour angrily enters the house and complaints them about how Yogi breaking their window daily showing the glass piece. Whole family gets shocked. Neighbour asks Prakash to pay the amount for his damage. Prakash gets shocked. Neighbor says Yogi can practice in ground not at house. Khushi says Yogi is practising at home because if corona virus. Gangaram says I will complaint to police if you won’t give money for damages. Vivek and Kabir says we will pay. Gangaram says I eill hide ball and shoes too. Everyone gets surprised hearing shoes and asks Gangaram about Yogi shoes. Gangaram says I don’t know anything about shoes and asks them to return the money. Family accuses Gangaram and asks him to return their shoes. Dadi and Dadaji enters and clears the matter revealing that Gangaram didn’t hide the slippers asks Gangaram to leave.

Yogi says than what about my shoes. Dadaji gifts new shoes to Yogi and he feels emotional and hugs Dadaji. Dadaji asks Yogi to prove his abilities and make them proud. Yogi signs I will. Prakash thinks how once Yogi kicked ball at him.

Yogi thinks how coach insulted him whenever he miss the target. Gunjsn asks him are you fine. Yogi shows shoes and says everyone trust me alot but I  feel I’m looser. Gunjan assures him that you can do it if you play with heart and mind. Yogi smiles. Prakash calls Yogi and informs him that tomorrow is first league match.

Pari looks disturbed while thinking about Sujoy words for her.Neha tells Pari that Sujoy still loves you and brought you bouquet, so it’s better if you marry him and move on like Yogi has moved on and leading a happy life with Gunjan.

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