Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 27th March 2020 Written Update: Prakash gets hurt because of Yogi kick

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 27th March 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with Yogi practices in the outside house. Whole family and Moin cheers for Yogi. Moin asks Yogi to show his milk power. Prakash asks Moin to reveal it to whole society. Moin and Prakash hides. Yogi misses the goal again and again.

Kabir and Vivek gets worried, Prakash says Yogi can’t do it and comes to the center. Yogi kicks the ball towards goal and Prakash gets hurts because of the ball. Later everyone assembles in hall, Khushi applies ice to Prakash eye. Seema and Shiv feels sorry for Prakash. Vivek and Kabir says Prakash is strong. Kusum and Sadi taunts Prakash for mocking the Yogi and come in between his goal. Everyone praises Yogi play.

Yogi shows his knees. Prakash says down your leg and you hit me intentionally. Family shouts what. Kusum says you want Yogi to play in good way and he played na, answer us. Yogi and others also asks Prakash to answer. Prakash says he is good but my eye. Shiv says everything will be fine and don’t say anything to my Son in law and previously you hit my eye si my son in law is taking revenge.

Everyone smiles. Kusum asks Shiv and Seema to wish Yogi. Seema says previously I want you to win for my Gunjan operation but now I wish you to win wholeheartedly for yourself and for your family. Everyone smiles. Vivek says our Yogi will win for sure. Shiv and everyone says Yogi will give his best performance in the match and it’s proved because of today goal.

Neha informs Pari that Yogi is playing as a professional player in IIM football team. Pari asks where is the news paper. Neha says she forgot the paper and he is playing match for Gunjan operation because he needs 20lakhs. Pari gets worried thinking how they will arrange.

Neha says they will but what are you thinking. Pari says do you know why I love Yogi because he knows how to love, see how he is doing everything for Gunjan. Neha says he is your love. Pari says Gunjan will get her voice and i listen when Gunjan say Yogi name.

Precap – Yogi says I will play better in next match. Coach mocks him saying He can’t play. At home family asks Yogi how he missed the Goal.