Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 27th November 2019 Written Update: Pari parents asks her to return home with them

Episode starts with Kusum asks Pari to found the reason behind Yogi condition. Pari agrees. Kusum asks who is running from her. Pari says some ward boy. Pari gets her dad call. She cuts the call saying will talk later. Pari goes to Yogi room and says his mom is worried for him. Pari asks him why he is avoiding her and running from her when she is just confessed her love for him. Paris asks him to understand. Yogi says that’s the Problem. Pari asks whether he have problem with her or her love.

Their convo gets interrupted by Dadaji. Pari asks what happened and Dadaji asks her to see who came for her. Pari gets shocked seeing her parents. Prakash and others Asks Pari to speak something. Pari asks what are they doing here. Dadaji says to surprise her. Pari mom reminds how Yogi addressed Pari as his gf and she informs to her husband showing that’s the guy showing Yogi.

Pari mom says she had some work in Jaipur that’s why came to Delhi to surprise Pari. Everyone’s welcomes them. Pari mom says she want to talk with Pari. Dadaji asks Pari to take them to her room. pari take them
Bablu asks Surjit to go with Yogi because he proves his friend leaving him. Surjit asks Bablu to understand the situation and Pari loves Yogi that’s the best news for them. Bablu says it’s best for Yogi not for him.

Surjit says god made their Jodi and asks him to think how beautiful Yogi life will be if he gets girl like Pari after Gunjan betrayal. Bablu agrees and says he never come between them.

Dadaji practice Bengali words. Vivek asks him to don’t practice because those words are weird. Prakash asks Yogi if they know Pari parents are coming. Yogi says no. Dadaji asks Praksh to order Bengali mithayi. Dadaji says noone will bring those sweets. Dadaji calls Bablu and asks him to bring Bengali mithayi for Pari parents.

Yogi moves slowly towards Pari room. Vivek caughts him and says they are her parents and nothing to worry. Yogi says he teased her mom saying he is Pari boyfriend. Vivek gets shocked. Yogi says he will clear Talking with them. Vivek asks him to leave it.
Pari mom shouts on Pari for breaking her alliance and says this family has done some magic on her. Pari says their love is magic.

Pari dad says they realised their mistake and withdrawn their divorce petition and asks Pari to come with them to start fresh start. Pari says you guys are not made for eachother and you don’t know what’s the family. Yogi witness everything from staircase. Pari mom asks her to cooperate with them. Pari dad also asks her to joins them. Pari reminsces Yogi behaviour after her love confession. Pari dad asks is their anything is stopping her. Pari turns and notice Yogi. Pari parents gets angry seeing him.