Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 28th October 2019 Written Update: Yogi erasing his memories with Gunjan

The episode starts with Yogi throwing Gunjan related stuff from cupboard and bablu, Surjit tries to stop him. At the hospital, Neha says Yogi is nothing to her but questions Pari about her equation with Yogi. Pari says I’m human that’s why my heart is aching seeing his pain because I’m connected to his family. Neha agrees with the park and then says According to her grandma everything happens for good maybe yogi is destined to someone and then she shows Yogi and pari image behind Gunjan and Roshan from Newspaper. Pari asks Neha to leave her but after Neha exit Pari lost in her thoughts.

Vivek asks tekchand to stay away from Rani school and says he will clear his loan by next week. Bablu asks Vivek help to Pacify Yogi. Yogi burns Gunjan pics and their letters. Vivek asks what happened and Yogi explains people’s words about their family. Pari and Rani panic to see the situation and Vivek explains to them what’s happening.

Pari asks Yogi to burn everything which is causing him to worry and pain, Rani and Vivek supports Pari and asks Yogi to erase his memories with Gunjan. Yogi burns every letter while reminisces his moments with Gunjan. Yogi hugs Vivek and Vivek says they are always with him and suggests to celebrate this moment.

Bablu and Surjit want to Join the party and family members tease them. Pari also wants to join the Yogi team for beer party but Rani, Nisha stops her saying it’s brother’s party time.

Yogi parties with his friends and brothers to celebrate his breakup party. Bablu asks him what’s the need to break the beer bottle with hand. Kabir and Vivek reminisce their past college moments. Here Pari asks Rani and Nisha whether they tasted a beer or not. Rani and Nisha deny and they tease Pari for hiding her beer bottle under Yogi bed in the past.

Vivek asks Surjit and Bablu to behave properly but they retort saying what’s is the need for drink if they have to behave in normal way. Yogi says they are free to express anything. Nisha and Rani agree they have beer previously with their husbands. Pari asks them to have vodka mixing with juice than they can manage with room spray. Rani, Nisha agrees.

Bablu and Surjit are going to get kulfi for them but stops seeing Gunjan with Roshan. Gunjan questions Roshan why he is stopping the car at this place. Roshan says to try palukha

Bablu informs Yogi and his Brothers about Gunjan’s arrival to their place. Yogi sees Gunjan with Roshan

Precap : Bablu stops Gunjan and Roshan. Yogi move towards them and tries to hug Roshan. Gunjan is shocked with Yogi behaviour.