Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 29th October 2019 Written Update: Yogi frees Gunjan from his love

The Episode starts with Yogi seeing Gunjan with Roshan. Roshan order paludha for tgem. Bablu says yesterday also they came to their area. Kabir angrily goes towards then but Vivek stops him. Yogi goes towards Gunjan and Roshan. Vivek tries to Stop Yogi but Kabir asks him to allow Yogi. Roshan asks Gunjan to leave the place observing Yogi. Gunjan asks him why but he takes her towards their car.

Surjit shouts to stop them. Gunjan feels emotional seeing Yogi. Roshan asks her to leave from these low level people. Than Yogi expresses through his actions he is freeing her completely and asks her to stay happy with Roshan. And asks Gunjan to Raise her opinions when it’s needed than it may not broke others hearts like it happened to him. Kabir and Vivek says what Yogi is expressing and Bablu asks them to leave the place. Gunjan cries seeing Yogi. Yogi wipes his tears and signs her Good bye. Yogi brothers and friends support him.

At home Pari is having vodka with Nisha and Rani. Praksh tries to wake-up Kusum hearing Loud voice from Rani room. Kusum asks him to sleep.

Surjit creates scene Infront of his house thinking it’s other place. Shiv asks why it takes so much time to reach home. Roshan says because of traffic. Shiv panics seeing Gunjan tears and questions Roshan to explain where he takes her. Roshan says they went to chavdi bazar to have Gunjan favourite Palutha but Yogi and his friends scolded Gunjan with harsh words. Shiv tried to call Praksh to warn them. Seema and Roshan stops Shiv. Than Shiv says what to expect from these low level people and says to Seema he is right in breaking their rishta. Gunjan tries to leave the place in tears but Roshan stops her and wipes her tears and ask her to take care of herself.

Bablu says to Yogi, they are going now and asks Yogi to have fresh start. Vivek asks Kabir to call Nisha to open the door because Rani is not answering his calls. Kabir says Nisha also not answering. Bablu says maybe they are sleeping and suggest to enter house through pipe. Vivek tries to deny but Kabir asks him to remember their college days. Vivek,Yogi,Kabir enters house through pipe. Vivek shouts loudly opening his room door. Kabir and Yogi asks him what happened. He asks them to see inside and they too gets shocked.

Precap – Shiv says he won’t call to Prakash but going to punish for their act by sending them behind bars. Rani in drunken state expresses Tekchand loan problem and Yogi,everyone gets shocked knowing their money problem.