Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 2nd December 2019 Written Update: Rani helps Yogi to realise his feelings for Pari

Episode starts with Rani asks Kusum why she is removing sarees from cupboard. Kusum says to gift for Pari. Kusum asks Yogi how it will look on  Pari. Nisha says don’t know why she want to leave. Kusum says we don’t have any relationship with her to stop. Rani asks Yogi to give the saree to Pari. Yogi denies and while going out he dashes with Pari and both fell down. Kusum and Rani helps them. Pari asks Yogi to talk with her before she is leaving but Yogi avoids her and hits chair. She left angrily and Rani notices Yogi weird behaviour.

Chauhan says he gonna give direct last warning to Shiv. Roshan says we can’t do this because Shiv is really influrncial. Chauhan says your job is confirmed so we don’t need Shiv anymore and asks him to grant contracts to our company and hide this from Shiv.

Yogi roams in his room in dull mode. Rani asks him why Pari feels the pain when he is hitting Chair. Yogi stays silent. Rani says it happened in their love story and explains how Vivek proposed her Infront of everyone. Yogi tries to deny but  Rani says I know what’s happening in your heart and asks him to tell the truth why he didn’t talk to Pari. Yogi says she is going with her parents and she loves him. Rani asks him to give reason for Pari to stop and says he loves Pari and Asks Yogi to talk with Pari immediately.

Pari packs her bags and informs her mom she is getting ready to leave and their convo gets interrupted by Yogi. He asks why you’re leaving Pari. She says don’t behave like you know today only. Yogi asks her to think about our family. Pari says I care about family but why you insulted my feelings ignoring me. He asks Pari to go and throws her things from cupboard and goes.

Pari follows him and questions why he throws her things. While questioning him they lost balance and she fell on him. While moving up he notices ring and reminds his moments with Gunjan. Pari turns him and Pari notices ring and says whether it’s fell down here when you throws it. Yogi reminds how it previously strucked in Paris finger.

Yogi says i can’t manage one day without you Pari because I love you. Yogi proposes Pari with ring and she asks him repeat again and again. He stops her and holds her face. Both cries happily.

Precap – Yogi fixes ring in her finger. She higs him happily.Yogi and Pari shares close moments and They gets tensed hearing Vivek calling Yogi.

Chauhan asks Shiv to avoid Roshan mistakes in office work otherwise your daughter Gunjan will be Kumari for lifetime if you say anything to Roshan. Gunjan and Seema gets shocked. Shiv asks Chauhan to get out seeing his misbehaviour. Chauhan breaks Roshan and Gunjan alliance.