Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 2nd January 2020 Written Update: Srivastava’s gets elated knowing Gunjan pregnancy news


Episode starts with Dadaji and Prakash takes Aarti. Prakash says Yogi didnt even call us. Kusum says he called us but youre not at home and he becomes responsible after marriage and he is taking care of Gunjan. Dadaji says he accepted the marriage. Praksh says but he is not loving her whole heartedly. Dadaji says love can’t happen quickly and Somewhere Pari is strucked in Yogi heart. Praksh says I done injustice. Dadaji says I just wish Gunjan don’t get injustice because of your mistake. Kusum says I wish Gunjan to become pregnant so that kid can binds them forever. Dadaji says relationships are delicate without love.

Yogi waits for Gunjan. She comes out from washroom with pregnancy kit and hugs Yogi happily. Yogi asks what happened. She write about her pregnancy news on his hand. Yogi feels happy and hugs her. Manger brings complimentary shots and Pari comes with them. Yogi hugs Pari. Gunjan feels sad. Pari asks is it positive. Gunjan says yes and Pari congratulate her. Manager asks them to join in dinner with Pari. She tries to deny but Yogi convince her.

Youngsters creates so much hungama and Rani says I’m going to be chachi and Vivek says I’m chacha. Kusum asks them to tell clearly. Khushi says Gunjan Bhabhi Is pregnant. Dadi asks how you guys know it. Rani says Yogi informed us. Dadaji and everyone’s celebrates this happy news and Kusum gets emotional and everyone says it’s time for celebration not for tears. Kusum says these are happy tears and asks them to call Yogi.

Rani calls Yogi, Kusum asks is Gunjan really pregnant. Yogi says yes. Kusum asks him to take care of Gunjan. Yogi says Gunjan lost her conciousness in the morning. Khushi asks Gunjan Bhabhi lost her conciousness but you didn’t said anything to us. Rani and other family also asks whether you call doctor or not. Yogi says she came now everything is good. whole family questions who came.

Yogi says Pari and everyone gets shocked. Everyone asks what’s Pari doing in that hotel. Yogi says she came for some work. Kusum asks Yogi to come back Delhi immediately. Yogi says Gunjan wants to see musical recording and we will come tomorrow after sight seeing. Everyone says fine. Praksh gets worried thinking Pari is near them.

Shiv and Seema asks Gunjan to be careful. Shiv shares his happiness with Seema. Shiv ets silent and tensed. Seema says Gunjan lost her voice in accident and it won’t affect her kid. Shiv says but Yogi. Seema asks him to stop his negative thoughts and encourage him to be positive. Shiv says ok and thinks to welcome Yogi and Gunjan in grand way.

At restaurant Yogi arranges Pari chair. Server asks what you want. Yogi asks Pari and she says I don’t need anything. But he asks her to order. Pari asks Yogi to order Gunjan Favourite food. Yogi asks Pari to order and Gunjan feels sad. Pari asks Gunjan and she says you order like yogi said. Pari orders Yogi Favourite food. Yogi says didn’t you forget. Gunjan feels uncomfortable.

Precap – Shiv says I’m feeling happy seeing my Gunjan happiness and it happened because of one person sacrifice. Seema says who. Pari enters and Srivastas gets shocked.

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