Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 2nd March 2020 Written Update: Pari denies to marry Sujoy and Sujoy takes blame on himself

Episode starts with Mona warns Rohit on phone. Mrs Ganguly comes near her and asks is everything fine. Mona says everything is fine. Shiv says Gunjan and Yogi in my team , Gunjan can’t sing but she remember everything. Everyone gets silent seeing sad Gunjan. Pari says very soon Gunjan can sing. Everyone agrees and discuss about who’s next. Yogi stops others and asks Pari to sing. Kusum agrees and everyone asks Pari to sing for Sujoy.

Pari sings Piya tujse Naina Lage re… Everyone enjoys her song and she sees Sujoy and Yogi and stops her song.  Sujoy sings Tere mere sapne but Pari imagines Yogi signing that song and leaves. Sujoy says I tried my level best. Everyone claos. Kusum asks Rani and Nisha to check Pari. Others continue their Antyakshari.

Pari cries in her room reminscing her mom words that can she accept Sujoy when she loves Yogi. Yogi comes to her and asks what Happened. She asks him to leave. He leaves and stops Rani and Gunjan. Dadi asks about Pari. Mrs Ganguly goes to check her.

Sujoy waits impatiently. Mona and others tease him. Mrs Ganguly shouts Pari is not at upstairs. Everyone searches for her. Pari calls Sujoy and asks him to meet her without informing to anyone. He leaves to meet her saying urgent call and meets Pari in school van. Sujoy says what are you doing here.

Pari says Yogi comes here when he is sad. Sujoy notices her wound and asks what Happened. She says some wounds happen without our knowledge. Sujoy asks her what happened. Pari says can I asks you 2 questions. Sujoy says yes. Pari asks do you love me. Sujoy says yes than she asks do you forgive me because I can’t marry you. Sujoy looks on and asks the reason.

Pari says you know it and Yogi is not leaving my heart even after trying. Sujoy smiles and cries at the same time and says hearts plays with us and I have no complaints and I’m with your decision so what’s our plan because Yogi can’t come to you and we have to inform family members. Pari says I Know and she leaves with him.

Prakash asks Yogi about Pari. Sujoy and Pari reaches to home and everyone asks Pari where she went. Sujoy informs Srivastav family that he cannot marry Pari. Everyone gets shocked and questions him what happened. Sujoy says I already make Pari agree.

Pari’s mother questions him why did he agree to marry Pari in the first place. Sujoy says I can’t marry her. Mona asks what’s the reason because I know you want Pari. Sujoy says I don’t love Pari. Yogi angrily holds his collar. Others tries to stop him.

Yogi asks what’s lack in Pari. Sujoy says their is nothing problem with Pari. Yogi still holds his collar. In rage Pari reveals she is the one who’s not ready for marriage.

Precap – Pari walks out of house saying I’m leaving this house forever. Gunjan feels pain in her stomach. Everyone gets worried and she lost her conscious.