Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 30th January 2020 Written Update: Chacha scares Rani, Yogi tries to convince Pari for Marriage

Episode starts with Rani sees Knife and Vivek teases her saying are you want to kill someone.  Nisha comes out with Kabir to have breakfast with everyone. Rani takes one knife and tries to hide it but Khushi says Knife is not allowed in school. Rani says I take it to cut apple. Vivek says I will drop you at school Rani but she denies. Mrs Ganguly signs Yogi to talk with Pari. Yogi tries to talk with her saying your mom is worried for you Pari but Prakash disturbs their convo and sends Yogi to some work. Rani leaves to school taking Knife. Dadi and Kusum asks what you decided. Pari asks them to cut the topic. Gunjan says it’s your life and you have to take decision. Pari says yeah it’s my life so don’t involve. Nisha asks Pari to cool down. Pari says tomorrow I’m going to Chennai and leaves.

At shop Yogi can’t concentrate on his work and reminsces Pari mom request. Surjit comes to Yogi and asks him why are you sad. Yogi says I’m confused and I’m getting negative feeling when I think about Pari marriage. Surjit shows happy couple who are buying earrings and says Pari needs someone in her life. Yogi reminsces his past love moment with Pari. Surjit asks where you lost. Yogi says I’m decided and will talk with Pari about her marriage. Surjit feels happy.

At school Rani senses someone behind her and she picks knife from bag to stab him thinking it’s her Chacha but it’s turned to be Vivek and he tries to tease but she cries and hugs Vivek and says Chacha is following me and he won’t leave me so please save me. Vivek asks from when he is following you. Rani says from 2days and he wants to take revenge for his insults. Vivek asks is he near  school. Rani says yes and Vivek ran behind wrong person thinking it Chacha but when he left Chacha comes to Rani and scares her. Rani shouts Vivek and everyone surrounds her and Vivek comes to her and takes her to home.

Pari discuss about Marriage matter with Neha. Yogi enters Pari ward and Neha leaves them. Pari asks why my mom is signing you in the morning, whether you’re with me or with my mom. Yogi says I can understand you. Pari says I know youre the one who can understand me but no need to stress tomorrow I’m leaving. Yogi says you’re not burden to us we love and he tries to convince Pari to marry someone and everything will be fine. Pari asks who the hell are you go get me married. Yogi

Precap – Mrs Ganguly creates drama saying Yogi married to Gunjan but he still wants Pari. Pari comes to home and asks whats happening. Kabir asks Pari to send her mom but Mrs Ganguly asks him to shutup. Pari says you want me to get married right than I’m ready where is the boy.