Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 30th March 2020 Written Update: Yogi lost his first football match, Prakash and Kusum encourages him for next matches

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 30th March 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with Coach shouts on players for loosing the first match. Mishra asks Coach to calm down. Coach says maybe you won’t care but for me every victory matters. Singh says even everty victory is important for us otherwise we loose sponsors. Yogi says I got nervous in the match. Coach says than go and play in streets and He asks Mishra to give him right to choose the next match members. Mishra tries to stop the Coach. Yogi signs coach that he will play well in next match, but Coach says you are useless Yogi. Mishra tries to warn Coach but he leaves saying I’m done.

Family members looked stressed. Kabir and Vivek asks Yogi how can you miss the Penalty goal and how will they trust you next time. Rani asks if he will be allowed to play next match. Yogi sits silent. Kusum says we already spent everything, don’t know what will happen. Vivek says they will give one more chance. Everyone looks disturbed. Dadaji says Yogi will get money from team management even if he can’t win right. Dadi says man of the tournament money is needed for Gunjan treatment. Kusum says if Yogi won’t get it than everything will be over. Gunjan holds Yogi and explains it to him. Rani and Nisha says what happens to the money we already paid in hospital if Yogi can’t get remaining money.

Yogi gets frustrated and throws the glass. Prakash says don’t worry, you will definitely win the matches because my heart is saying you will, and from birth itself you’re a player. Yogi says I’m just a looser. Prakash warns him saying never think in that way and you will win for sure. Kusum says Yogi you’re also thinking like us for Gunjan everytime, like what will happen to Gunjan if you won’t win the match, first leave this matter and play with your mind without having any fear than you will win for sure. Everyone smiles and agrees with Kusum and Prakash.

Precap – Singh asks Mishra what you saw in Yogi. Mishra says he is a champion. Singh says you still feel same after seeing his today performance in match. Mishra says mark my words, we will get this trophy because of Yogi. Singh says let’s see how many goals Yogi will do in tomorrow match. Yogi kicks the goal correctly during his practice.