Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 30th October 2019 Written Update: Rani reveals Tekchand issue in her Inebriated state

Episode starts with Yogi and his brothers are shocked to see the state of ladies. Vivek asks Yogi whether he knows pari drinks alocohol. Yogi denies. Yogi wakes up Pari and Nisha and Rani also gets consciousness. Pari tries to escape the room but Nisha stops her.

Vivek asks who bought alcohol to their house. Rani and Nisha points Pari. Pari says she just bought juice but Yogi asks her to don’t act because he knows about her. Vivek questions Yogi why he lied to him. Yogi apologies to Vivek.

Pari accepts she is the one who bought vodka and assures them they are fine. Rani and Vivek shares funny moment and Kabir tries to take Nisha but Rani stops them. Seeing Yogi, Rani questions whether he is fine or not. He nods Yes and Rani worries seeing injury hand and asks him to don’t become devdaas because so many girls in this world are available. Rani suggests Pari to Yogi saying she is good girl even bought vodka for them.

Rani in her Inebriated state reveals she can bear insults from Tekchand if Yogi is happy.Kabir asks is this Tekchand is the one who’s calling them. Vivek tries to manage situation but Rani says about their loan problem and blames Shiv Kumar for destroyed their family happiness and cries thinking Tekchand will insult her everyday in her work place. Kabir questions Vivek why he takes loan from Tekchand, he is there to manage money. Rani says they too have self-respect and responsibility to contribute for Yogi marriage. Pari says she can help but Kabir stop pari and assures to Rani he will pay the loan. Yogi asks her to stop worrying.

Yogi and others request Vivek to perform Naagin dance. Everyone dances to make Rani mood better. Prakash worries listening sounds and shouts Vivek.  Hearing Prakash shouts everyone sends Vivek to manage Prakash. But Prakash came to upstairs and asks Pari and Yogi what are they doing in Vivek room. Kusum takes Prakash from that place.

Gunjan cries thinking Yogi words in chavdi bazar. Gautam tries to pacify her and asks her to forget Yogi because he don’t deserve her.

Roshan and Seema asks Shiv to end this matter. Shiv says next time he will send them to jail. Roshan asks Shiv to take care of his health and assures Shiv he will take care of Gunjan. Shiv says tp Seema he is proud to choose Roshan over Yogi. While leaving house Roshan asks about his appointment letter. Shiv says he will get it in the next week.

Pari tries to escape from Yogi clutch but he says she can’t escape until she gets her punishment. Pari says she will inform Prakash about their beer party. Yogi requests her to don’t reveal anything to her father. She agrees to Yogi and than she covers Yogi with blanket.

Precap – Yogi plans to sell his sherwani to buy crackers and other things for diwali. Kusum overhears his convo with Bablu gets angry.