Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 31st January 2020 Written Update: Mrs Ganguly insults Srivastava’s Infront of locality people

Episode starts with Pari shouts on Yogi for talking about her marriage and questions who are you to talk. Neha comes to them. Yogi says you’re the one who asked me to marry Gunjan and why you left. Pari says I done it for your family happiness but why you’re asking me. Yogi says I’m asking for your happiness. Pari shouts to leave me and I’m going to Chennai. Neha sends Yogi.

Vivek says let’s lodge complaint in police station. Rani says school reputation will gets spoiled because of me and I don’t want it. Vivek says school and everything is next but your safety is first. Rani says he will do more if we complaint and he involves Khushi too. Vivek says I will kill him if he harm you or Khushi.  

Pari says how can Yogi treat me in this way. Neha says it’s their way to show the love and they just want you to move on. Pari says but I don’t want. Neha says for why you want to wait! Yogi belongs to Gunjan and you’re the one who left him. Pari says I left his life and left the city what i need to do. Neha says you don’t want marry anyone because you still love Yogi otherwise why I can’t you free him. Pari says what. Neha says Yogi is worried for you and want to see you making new family. Pari says I can’t love anyone so don’t want to marry and spoil other person life. Neha says love will happen with time. Pari says I will leave this city to end this problem.

Mrs Ganguly asks Gunjan will Pari agree for Marriage if Yogi talks with her. Gunjan says yes she will agree. Yogi enters the room. Pari mom asks him whether he met Pari. Yogi says I talked with her but she is not agreeing and planning to leave. Mrs Ganguly gets angry on him blames him and his family for playing with Pari and Gunjan life and leaves saying I won’t leave you guys.

Pari’s mother gathers everyone in the locality and insults Srivasta family. Kabir and Vivek tries to stop her but she won’t listen. Prakash and Kusum asks her to leave but she says I won’t leave until I reveal your real face and she informs everyone that Srivastava’s used Pari and destroyed her life. Locality people gossip about it. Pari monther in front of whole locality alleges Yogi that he is happily married to Gunjan but still eyes on Pari and these people makes my daughter against me. Whole family gets baffled with her accusations. Pari comes back to home and gets shocked seeing the issue She stops her mom. Prakash and Dadaji asks Pari to take her mom inside. But Mrs Ganguly denies to leave and continues yelling at everyone. Pari takes her mom inside. Dadaji breaksdown outside and says we lost the respect. Yogi goes inside and warns Pari mom to shutup and tries to hit her but others stop him. Pari says Yogi never disrespect elders but you make him crossed his limit and I’m ashamed of you.

Mrs Ganguly says can’t you see my insult, they invited me here to discuss about your marriage. Pari shouts on her to stop and says im happy because of these people that’s why I choosed them over you. Pari mom says than why can’t they make agree you to move on. Pari says it’s my decision to not marry at this time. Pari mom says why! You still have affair with Yogi. Nisha says how can you talk in this way about your daughter. Mrs Ganguly asks her to shutup. She asks Pari to leave with her but she denies. Mrs Ganguly says how you’re handling this Gunjan when your husband is having affair. Pari in a spur of moments agrees for the marriage to stop her mom and asks where is the boy for Marriage. Everyone gets shocked.

Precap – Chauhan warns Shiv saying I will harm your kids because now my Roshan is out of county. Shiv warns him to stay away from Gunjan. Unjan haves Pani Puri with Yogi. Someone snatches her bag and from otherwise car moves in her way. Yogi runs to save her.