Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 31st March 2020 Written Update: Mishra challenges Singh saying Yogi will get the trophy for their team

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 31st March 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with Pari looks frustrated and lies to Neha that she went to hospital. Neha says you didn’t went to meet Dr Wilson but you went to see Yogi match and why are you lying to me and showing your frustration. Pari says Yogi lost the match. Neha says it’s just match not life. Pari says but for Yogi it’s Life. Neha asks did you met him. Pari says no, I just sent to see his victory. Neha hugs Pari and than goes inside. Pari cries thinking about her moments with Yogi. Tere mere darmiyaan plays in the background.

At shop Bablu and Surjit discusses about how they are feeling low because Yogi lost the match. Surjit worries thinking what if they won’t take Yogi in the next match and what happens Yogi won’t goal this time too. Bablu says my brain is not working, can we attach magnet to ball so it can reach to goal easily. Surjit says it’s not good idea but our Yogi must concentrate on goal and we already know Yogi is good player. Shopkeeper smiles and says how can Yogi play tournament with 2-3days practice. Surjit and Bablu warns him to shut his mouth.

Yogi thinks about his discussion with Family and how everyone trust him to get the money for Gunjan operation and his Ziddi for Gunjan voice.

At night Kusum asks Prakash why are you not sleeping. Prakash says I’m not getting sleep. Kusum says I thought you’re strong but You’re worried more than Yogi. Prakash says I want Yogi to win but I can’t see him loose in his own eyes, I felt sad seeing him loosing the hope on himself but I just want Yogi to get good coach so he can do it. Kusum says Yogi is already winner in my eyes. Prakash says yes and now I feel Yogi will definitely win the next match. Both smiles.

Yogi keeps Practising and he misses goal. Watchman asks Yogi to leave. Yogi ask him to wait fir some more time. Mishra observes everything. Singh joins him asks Mishra what did he saw in Yogi.  Mishra says my heart is saying Yogi is a champion. Singh says you still feel same after seeing his today performance in match. Mishra says mark my words, we will get this trophy because of Yogi. Singh says let’s see how many goals Yogi will do in tomorrow match. Mishra says sure. Yogi scores goal and feels happy.