Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 3rd February 2020 Written Update: Pari agrees for marriage happily, Chauhan threatens Shiv

Episode starts with Vivek and other youngsters take Pari to upstairs and questions her why you agree to marry. Pari cries. Yogi and others says let your mom do the drama it don’t agree. Pari says you guys lost respect because of me and my mom. Gunjan says don’t think about people.

Vivek says yes people will forget like they did with Rani cha-cha matter. Rani gets tensed. Pari says you guys don’t know about my mom and she can go to any level. Vivek says don’t think to marry for your mom. Rani says we want your happiness. Pari says don’t know the condition and Dadi and Dadaji and how they are reacting.
Prakash asks Kusum to send Mrs Ganguly immediately.

Dada ji says it’s matter of Pari too and we can’t throw her mom. Kusum also supports Prakash. Dada and Dadaji says Pari needs us and we can’t leave Pari with her mom.

Gunjan says don’t take any decision without thinking Pari. Yogi says your mom won’t change even if you agree with her. Pari says my mom again talk about me and Yogi if I denies to marry. Gunjan and Yogi says we trust eachother and let your mom talk whatever she needed.

Others suggest her to send her mom. Pari reminsces her mom insults and says you guys also want me to marry right and I want to marry and it’s time for me to move on. Everyone says we are with you if youre ready for marriage. Pari says you search groom for me na Yogi. He agrees and everyone hugs her.

Dadaji says we are culprits of Pari and we have to search good guy for Pari because her mom is not good. Mrs Ganguly enters their room and says I’m bad and did wrong to you. Prakash and Kusum asks her to go out. Mrs Ganguly says I did this because I’m scared thinking Pari also face situation like me in her life and don’t forgive me but please don’t take your asshirvad hand from Pari because now she agreed for marriage Nd we have to search good groom.

Everyone gets shocked. Kusum and Dadi says we will talk with Pari and asks her to rest. Dadaji says Pari will marry according to her wishes but never behave like today otherwise you will see my badside.

Seema gets worried thinking Gunjan is not taking any call. Shiv assures her everything will be good and asks her to relax. Shiv gets Chauhan call. Pradeep Chauhan warns Shiv saying Roshan left India and I won’t let anyone touch my son and now its time for you to pay and I thought to call Gunjan. Shiv warns him to stay away from Gunjan and his family otherwise he have to face the consequences. Chauhan smiles Wickedly. Seema gets panicked. Shiv assures her saying nothing will happen to Gunjan. Chauhan calls his man and informs his plan.

Precap – Chauhan man follows Gunjan and Yogi. Dadi tells Pari about their choice of guy. Mrs Ganguly says we have to know about him. Pari asks Dadi to call the groom and smirks seeing her mom.