Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 4th February 2020 Written Update: Pari asks Yogi to choose groom for her

Episode starts with Pari reminsces her moments with Yogi and cries silently at terrace. Gunjan notices her. Pari wipes her tears. Shop uncle says Pari mom behaviour towards Srivastas to Bsblu and Surjit. Both gets shocked. Kabir and Vivek,Yogi says she insulted and than asked our forgiveness. Vivek says I didn’t like Pari decision and we have to stop her.

Yogi gets suspicious on 2men and Yogi tries to reach them but they moves in bike seeing Yogi. Vivek asks who are they. Yogi says my old customers and thinks about Chauhan threat. Vivek and Yogi plans to do Pari marriage according to her choice.

Pari says even Yogi and Your marriage is forced one but now you’re happy and it will be same case in mine too. Gunjan says Yogi still not mine completely. Pari says trust me their is nothing between us and Yogi forgot me completely as a lover. Gunjan says I feel he is not connected with me emotionally sometimes. Pari says we can’t forget completely that’s why I want to move on and you’re his present and future Gunjan and I’m ready for marriage because I want to move on for myself. Gunjan says I want your happiness. Pari says you want me to see happy do Yogi will be happy and seeing Yogi happiness you will be happy and I just hope I get better guy than Yogi and she notices Yogi from Terrace and thinks to forget Yogi to make 3lives better.

Prakash asks Youngsters to choose good guy for Yogi from many matches. Mrs Ganguly says we have to verify profiles. Praksh asks Kusum to shut Pari mom. Yogi asks Gunjan to come with him for Gynecologist appointment. Rani asks Pari to see the matches. Dadi and others asks Pari to choose guy according to her choice. Pari mom tries to involve but Pari shuts her. Pari imagines Yogi in every pic. Yogi takes pics from Pari and chooses 5 pics. Pari says I will marry who yogi chooses for me. Pari mom asks her to see the pic but Pari denies and says call all 5 and I will choose one after meeting.

Yogi takes Gunjan to hospital in rickshaw. Chauhan man follows them and Yogi notices them. Those man moves crossing Rickshaw Gunjan about to fall because of sudden break but Yogi holds her. Pari mom asks Pari to forget the Past and move on. Pari says your thoughts are disgusting. Prakash says girl is Bengali but we are ok if guy is from madhyapradesh. Mrs Ganguly says I’m her mom and you need my permission. Praksh says we are her parents. Pari agrees and asks her mom to stay away. Dadi tells Pari we can wait if you’re not ready. Mrs Ganguly says we need to check boy background. but Pari tells Shrivastav family that she is ready for marriage and asks them call boy’s family tomorrow.

Precap – Gunjan enjoys while having panipuri with Yogi when Pradeep’s goon attack Gunjan in bike and when Yogi tries to follow them, others goons tries to hit her Gunjan with Car. Yogi runs to save her. Family gets worried for Yogi and Gunjan.