Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 4th November 2019 Written Update: Prakash gets furious seeing gift from Shiv

Episode starts with Kusum says everyone about Yogi suggestion for sweet shop. Khushi praises sweets from that shop. Nisha asks for Park choice. Pari says she don’t like rasgulla and says they used to perform bhogh in their house. Pari suggests for homemade nutritious food and everyone agrees to her. Prakash enters and asks for what sweets they need order but ladies says they r going to prepare sweets in their home. Prakash says they spoiled his plan and nothing he can do in this Diwali. Kusum asks why he is competing with his own kids. Pari says whatever Kabir is done for them is his victory. Pari says their family love is the one bind her to them and that’s also their family victory. Prakash says whole house is saving money like him.

Gautam writes names on Diwali gifts and he writes wrong spellings and Shiv taunts him for his knowledge. When Shiv says Prakash Sinha ,Gaithsm asks it’s not srivasta right, Shiv gets stunned.

Gunjan come out says she don’t want to go out with Roshan. Gautam asks Shiv why he is doing against Gunjan wishes. Shiv says why they are coming to starting point. Gunjan says she won’t go anywhere with Roshan. Shiv agrees and shouts on them to end the topic. Shiv asks Gaithsm to write Pradeep Chauhan not Prakash srivastav. Gunjan runs after hearing his words.

Pari searches for perfect dress. Yogi gifts her packet and she asks him what’s he hiding. Pari gets happy seeing new dress for her. And asks how he gets to know her choice. Yogi says girl rejected this dres when her boy friend is choosing for her. Pari gets angry. Hearing Prakash shouts they runs outside.

Praskash gets furious after seeing gift pack from Shiv. Everyone thinks what’s Shiv thinking about them. Prakash dials Shiv number and shouts on him for sending gifts to him. Shiv denies saying he didn’t send any gift. Dadaji warns Shiv and Prakash says he already saved his previous gift in his heart so he don’t need his gifts and his sympathy. Shiv says it’s Gautham mistake. But than he gets shocked seeing he is the one who sends to their address. Seema says you want to send gifts to your daughter in law’s but by mistake you write sivastas name.

Kusum and family asks Praksh to forget everything. And than they discuss about Diwali decorations. Yogi asks Prakash to don’t take pressure on him because of these issues. Yogi feeds laddo to Prakash and everyone asks him to have ladoo from their hands.

Chauhan gets gift from Shiv. He moves gift with his leg. Chauhan thinks about how Shiv mocked him when he went to his office for Roshan job and Seema slap. Chauhan says nowonwards he is going make Shiv dance on his fingers. Roshan says Gunjan is not interested in this match. Chauhan says they are going to win. Roshan says we already won.

Precap – Gunjan chunri caughts in fire because of diyas. Roshan shouts her name and asks her to check the dupatta. Pari gets call from hospital and she informs to everyone she needs to attend patient.