Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 5th February 2020 Written Update: Yogi saves Gunjan from Goons attack

Episode starts with doctor says Baby is good and everything is fine but Gunjan blood sugars are not normal and it’s common during pregnancy so I will prescribe medicines. Yogi asks how to take care of Gunjan. Doctor says makes her away from emotional stress and give her healthy food. Neha congratulate both of them. Neha says Gunjan is your world Yogi and In that way your family is Pari world so please take care of her. Yogi says ok.

Seema gets worried when Gauthsm didn’t answer call. Shiv enters home and she asks him about Gauthsm. Shiv says I picked him from college and dropped him at his friend house. Seema asks Shiv to warn Praksh and Yogi but Shiv says noting will happen and asks her to relax.

Yogi asks Gunjan to have her Favourite food. Chauhan man follows them.Gunjan enjoys while having Panipuri with Yogi. Seema says I’m worried and Shiv assures her Yogi will protect Gunjan and nothing will happen to her.

Pradeep’s goon attack Gunjan coming in bike and when Yogi tries to follow them than other goons tries to hit Gunjan with Car. Yogi notices car and runs to save her. Car driver smirks.
Pari calls hospital and got to know Gunjan left prior to 2hours. Family gets worried when Yogi phone is not reachable. Yogi drags Gunjan to his side and saves her. Market people surrounds them and notices wound in Gunjan leg than Yogi carries Gunjan in his arms to home.

Everyone gets panicks and asks him what happened to Gunjan. Pari feels sad seeing them. Praksh shouts on him for romancing Infront of them. Yogi puts her down and says I’m carrying her like real Sharukh. Dadi says correct Yogi is Sharukh and Gunjan is kajol. Pari leaves.

Kusum and Other notices Gunjan is tripping and asks her what happened. Yogi says she slipped from stairs. Nisha asks you’re fine right. Pari also comes out. Vivek asks everything is fine na. Yogi says everything is good and he gives Sonography report. Pari reminsces her mom words like she can’t see the sonography of Yogi kid that’s why she didn’t went with them.
Everyone feels happy seeing Sonography.

Prakash says I’m going to reveal another happy news and tomorrow guy is coming to see our Pari. Pari leaves sadly. At night Gunjan dreams about her accident and wakes up from her sleep tensely and cries holding her stomach. Yogi tries to console her and than he says let’s Pari check you and he goes to Pari window and wakes her up and asks her to check Gunjan.

Pari checks Gunjan and says you guys are worried for no reason because everything is fine. seeing their tensed faces Pari asks did something happened, are you guys are hiding anything. Yogi explains about their accident.

Pari asks Gunjan are you fine. Gunjan cries silently and than Yogi gives Sonography to Pari and says this is our love symbol. Pari says yeah and shows them baby formation. Yogi and Gunjan sees their baby happily and Pari notice their love.

Precap – Surjit says questions list is their for groom. Bablu says Groom must pass our test. Pari dashes with car and she shouts on that person and that person admires Pari.