Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 5th March 2020 Written Update: Chauhan teams up with Pandey to ruin Shiv

Episode starts with Kusum says to Gunjan how Yogi used to watch everyone with big eyes during his childhood. Yogi comes to them. Dadi and Dadji gives kada as a Shagun to baby. Seeing that hand band Prakash remembers Yogi childhood and he gives mask and asks Yogi to make his child smile. Yogi wears mask and acts funnily which makes his son happy. Prakash feels emotional seeing them .

Dadi and Kusum says him Yogi used to smile when you came back from shop and he used to notice you. Kusum gets Mrs Ganguly phone to know about Pari details but Kusum warns her to not call them for Pari. Prakash and others thinks where Pari gone.

Baby cries at night. Gunjan and Yogi tries to console him with dolls but he cties more. Yogi plays song in phone than he gets silent while listening songs. Gunjan feels emotional band moves outside and reminsces how Shiv wants to take her to us for treatment. Gunjan moves inside and notices baby again crying. Gunjan tries to say something but she can’t than cries. Yogi consoles her.

Dadi and Prakash fights with each other to play with baby. Khushi takes baby from them and when she about drop Yogi helps her go hold baby carefully. Kabir takes baby from Khushi. Others also fights with eachother to hold baby. Yogi takes baby upstairs to give him bath.

Chauhan makes Pandey against Shiv giving him so much money and other assets. Rani and others teases Gunjan saying are you giving massage to baby or each other. Gunjan smiles shyly. Yogi received Gunjan parents call. Yogi moves to otherside for better signal. Shiv and Seema listens Ansh cries and asks Yogi what happened. Yogi says it’s because of body massage.

Ansh is about to slip from table than Rani,Gunjan others reaches to upstairs, Rani shouts Yogi and Gunjan saves her baby in time. Everyone reaches to upstairs. Gunjan gets angry on Yogi.

Precap – enforcement officers checks Shiv home saying he passes tender to wrong group taking money and they gets money at his house.