Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 5th November 2019 Written Update: Pari is rushed to the hospital

Episode starts with Srivasta family decorating their house for Diwali celebration. Nisha and Rani discusses about how to make rangoli. Park says she will help them to make rangoli and Khacori. Kusum asks Yogi to have food. Vivek says noone is asking him got food. Rani offers them hot khachoris. Yogi feeds Kusum and Kusum asks everyone to clean house before Lakshmi pooja.

Praskash shouts for Yogi and warns him to clean shop before evng pooja. Pari says it’s needed to clean so she will helptgem. Nisha asks her help them. Rani asks Prakash to taste her samosa says Vivek is the one who stopped Yogi. Vivek denies but Prakash says he won’t do anything and can’t allow others to work. DADA hi asks Praksh what work he dne from morning, not even had bath.

Bablu and Surjit enters house wishing happy Diwali. Praskash asks them to clean shop along with Yogi. Kusum asks them to have samosa before going to shop. Pari gets call from hospital for surgery purpose.Nisha asks when will she help them of she goes to hospital. Pari says she will comeback quickly finishing her surgery.  Bablu says he will go with Pari and bring her back safely.

Khushi asks Yogi whether he is fine after market incident. Khushi says she is happy to know he broke up with Gunjan because they done bad to him and their family. Yogi says he will get old girl to their home before next Diwali. Khushi asks Yogi opinion about Pari. Yogi says her nut is loose. Khushi says she is happy to know he is thinking about marrying someone forgetting Gunjan. Yogi hides his sadness.

Bablu stares at Pari while she is working on her reports. Bablu tries to flirt with her like he supports her in every work but Pari says she don’t need worker for her misunderstanding his intention.

Srivastava ladies enjoys while lightening diyas. Moin teases Praskash. Everyone’s plans to prepare for pooja. Dadi asks everyone’s to wait for Pari. Moin gets shocked after knowing Bablu is with Pari and asks Praskash to make Pari to stay away from Bablu. Vivek asks him to make Bablu away from Pari. Yogi calls Bablu and informs his secret is out. They stars pooja knowing Pari may get more late because of operation.

Gunjan thinks about Yogi words. Roshan says to Gunjan he like crackers. Shiv thinks about Prakash words. Chauhan says he is happy to celebrate Diwali with them. Shiv thanks Chauhan for persuading for this Shaadi.

Chauhan says his son became deewana of Gunjan. Roshan says he can’t wait to celebrate Diwali with crackers. Chauhan says he loves dhamaka.

Gunjan chunri caughts in fire because of diyas. Roshan shouts her name and asks her to check the dupatta.

Precap – Family members waits for Pari. Prakash sends Yogi to bring Pari from Hospital. Pari treats Gunjan hand. Yogi asks Pari to check time because it’s getting late and than stops seeing Gunjan .