Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 6th February 2020 Written Update: Gunjan and Yogi supports Pari emotionally

Episode starts with Pari looks sad seeing Yogi and Gunjan. Yogi asks why are you looking sad. Pari says why will I look sad. . Gunjan and Yogi assures her everything will be fine and new guy will make you happy. Pari asks how you know he loves me. Yogi says he will love you I’m sure. Gunjan says everyone feels happy if you’re happy. Yogi drags Gunjan and Pari towards him and takes selfie.

Next day Kusum prepares list of dishes for Guests. Mrs Ganguly says I bought saree for Pari and I will make her wear it. Kusum says Pari don’t like saree. Prakash asks Mrs Ganguly to stay away from Pari. Mrs Ganguly creates scene saying alliance for My daughter but I don’t know anything about Groom or other things and you guys treats me like servant. Dadi says cool and tell me your wishes. Mrs Ganguly leaves saying I will stay away. Kusum sends Prakash to send sweets and other items.

Surjit asks Bablu to search perfect match for him in jeevansaathi app. Bablu gets excited and downloads the app. Bablu says we will question the boy first and he must pass our tests than only we allow him meet Pari. Yogi agrees.

Pari dashes her scooty to a car and fight with the driver. Pari reminsces how she met Yogi in the similar way. Pari asks you can talk right. Guy says it’s ended or not. Pari shows her wound to everyone and says I will complaint to police. His sister comesout from car and says he silent thats means not it’s our mistake.

Pari says so you mean it’s my mistake. Guy says I’m following the rules and asks Pari about rules and says I will call police because I can get evidence from cctv against you. Pari gets tensed and says are you trying to scare me. He asks about police station but his sister stops him saying we are getting late.

Rani cha-cha Mets Rani again and harasses her. Bablu and Surjit notices Rani’s Cha-cha with her and seeing them Rani’s Cha-cha ran away. Surjit and Bablu scolds others for seeing everything like tamasha and takes Rani to home. Vivek asks her what happened and she cries hugging him.

Precap – Prakash welcomes Groom and his sister. She says sorry for the late and we got late because of some girl. Yogi shows Pari to groom and both gets shocked seeing eachother.