Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 6th March 2020 Written Update: Income tax raid on Shiv house

Episode starts with Dadi thanks God for saving Ansh. Shiv says now Ansh is safe but it can happen again because Yogi and Gunjan can’t speak. Family says we will take care of it. Shiv says one of the parents must be normal to take care of the kid and it’s problem to take Yogi to us because if documents but can we take Gunjan for treatment. Everyone says Ansh is so small. Prakash asks Gunjan opinion. Gunjan says I want to go for Ansh. Yogi says in these time I will take care of Ansh. Prakash and Others asks how Ansh will survive without mother. Kusum says we will take care of him and asks Shiv to take Gunjan for treatment. Shiv says I will give party to celebrate our happiness. Seema gets shocked seeing someone sending 50lakhs to her account. Shiv thinks about it.

Bablu and Surjit asks Yogi how can he behave careless with Ansh. Yogi says now everything is fine and now Gunjan is going to us for her treatment and Shiv uncle is giving party. Bablu says Prakash uncle won’t allow them. Yogi says you can come.

Shiv says I know everything and Green light company members transfered me 50lakhs and you make me meet that party Pandey and know it how they got Seema account details. Pandey gets tensed. Seema says I’m feeling something wrong. Shiv asks Pandey behavior is different and he asks Seema to give letter to bank members.

Srivastavs reaches to Shiv house. Seema informs Shiv that Chauhan is congratulating me for some new car. Prakash says it’s easy to buy car when we got 50lakhs. Shiv says that money is not belongs to us. Seema gets panicked seeing the delivery message of car. Shiv looks confused after seeing the message. Khushi says we can hear Gunjan bhabhi songs once she gets cured. Yogi asks Shiv is something wrong. Shiv says no and he asks Seema to play the recording of Gunjan song. Seema plays Gunjan recorded song before her accident. Everyone feels happy while listening her song. Shiv asks company members to check before sending the car. Income tax members enters Shiv house and accuses Shiv passed tender to get money and they shows the bank statement of Seema and their new SUV car and America trip as a proof to prove Shiv is culprit. Yogi and others says Gunjan is going for treatment but incometax department members raid Shiv’s house and find money in his house. Shiv says these money is not belongs to us but tax officers asks Shiv to come with them and closes his all transactions.

Precap – Yogi got to know Dr Wilson is coming to India through Neha. Shiv cries saying I can’t arrange money for my daughter treatment. Yogi assures that he will arrange the money. Everyone looks on.